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Secrets of Tatooine

This file consists of conversions taken from the Secrets of Tatooine supplement for the d20 Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

- Brief Supplement Overview -

This book gives a fresh survey of Tatooine, spanning over three eras of play. The text is well-written and easily-digestible, and there are a lot of useful things presented that aren't dependent on the game system at all. The interior art consists primarily of movie photos, though there are several very good illustrations and maps throughout.

Unfortunately, there isn't much new material, as most of the characters, vehicles, creatures, and locations have been detailed in previous West End Games supplements. However, I did find the new content to be interesting and worth reading. Of note is an abstract system for pod races, quite similar to "Tatooine Grudge Match" (printed in SWG#1, pages 68-73), as well as an adventure that is easily adapted for use in SWD6.

The book is perfect bound, with good-quality paper and binding, and is 94 pages in length. The cover is glossy, and the interior is black and white. While my overall feelings of the product are favorable, it's my opinion that the $21.95 price tag is a bit high.

Should you buy it? If you run Star Wars D6, and have access to GG#1, GG#5, and GG#7, you don't really need this book unless you intend to run games set in either the "Rise of the Empire" or "New Jedi Order" eras. The information presented on Mos Espa and Mos Entha are nice, however, especially if you'd like to run scenarios outside of Mos Eisley.

- Equipment -

Slave Tracking Devices (SOT, page 37)
: Hutt Slave Tracking Device
Type: Implanted Tracking Device/Explosive
Scale: Character
Cost: Not usually available for sale
Availability: 3, X
Damage: 5D (to the slave only)
Game Notes: These devices are implanted into the bodies of slaves to prevent them from escaping. If the slave travels beyond the range of his owner's tracking transmitter, the device triggers a small explosion. The transmitter has a range of 50 kilometers, but can be calibrated down depending on the owner's needs. The tracking device is most often implanted while the slave is sedated. The device is hard to locate, requiring a specialized scanner and a Heroic Security skill check. These scanners are not commercially available. In order to deactivate the tracking device, the tracking transmitter is required. With the proper codes, the required Security skill check is Easy difficulty. Without the codes, the difficulty is increased to Heroic. If tampered with, or if the slave attempts to leave the transmitter's range, the slave begins to take damage as the tracking device begins to heat up: 1D damage the first round, 2D on the second, and 3D on the third. If the slave does not rectify his behavior, the device will explode on the fourth round, doing 5D of damage to the slave.

- Vehicles -

Anakin Skywalker's Podracer (SOT, page 29)
: Radon-Ulzer 620C
Type: Pod Racer
Scale: Speeder
Length: 7 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation: Pod Racer
Crew: 1 pilot
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 5 kilograms
Cover: 1/2
Altitude Range: Ground – 105 meters
Cost: 8,000 (new), 6,000 (used)
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 325; 945 km/h
Body Strength: 2D
Weapons: None

Boles Roor's Podracer (SOT, page 30)
: Bin Gassi Quadrijet
Type: Pod Racer
Scale: Speeder
Length: 9.25 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation: Pod Racer
Crew: 1 pilot
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 5 kilograms
Cover: 1/2
Altitude Range: Ground – 80 meters
Cost: 16,500 (new), 11,500 (used)
Maneuverability: 2D+1
Move: 272; 781 km/h
Body Strength: 1D+2
Weapons: None

Family Landspeeder (SOT, page 29)
: SoroSuub V-35 Courier
Type: Landspeeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 3.8 meters
Skill: Repusorlift Operation: V-35 Courier
Crew: 1 pilot
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: 2
Cargo Capacity: 120 kilograms
Cover: Half cover for the driver from all attacks, but full cover from rear attacks and 1/2 from front attacks for all other passengers
Altitude Range: Ground – 1.5 meters
Cost: 6,500 (new), 1,500 (used)
Maneuverability: 1D+2
Move: 37; 105 km/h
Body Strength: 2D
Weapons: None

Sebulba's Pod Racer (SOT, page 29)
: Collor Pondrat Pluf-G Mammoth, Split X
Type: Pod Racer
Scale: Speeder
Length: 7.5 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation: Pod Racer
Crew: 1 pilot
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 5 kilograms
Cover: 1/2
Altitude Range: Ground – 85 meters
Cost: 18,000 (new), 14,000 (used)
Maneuverability: 1D+1
Move: 288; 825 km/h
Body Strength: 3D+2
Flame Jet
Fire Arc: Side
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 2-3/4/5
Damage: 4D

- Ships -

T-36 Skyfighter (SOT, page 94)
: Incom T-36 Skyfighter
Type: Near-Orbit Planetary Defense Fighter
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 8.2 meters
Skill: Starfighter Pilot: T-36
Crew: 1 pilot
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 30 kilograms
Consumables: 2 hours
Cost: 64,000 (new), 16,000 (used)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: None
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 7
Atmosphere: 350; 1000 km/h
Hull: 1D+1
Shields: None
Passive: 15/0D
Scan: 25/1D
Search: 40/2D
Focus: 1/2D
Double Laser Cannon (fire-linked)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
Damage: 4D
Concussion Missile Launcher (1 missile)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Missile Weapons
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1/3/7
Atmosphere Range: 50-500/1/5km
Damage: 9D
Game Notes: The above statistics are for a T-36 that has been modified by adding a concussion missile launcher; otherwise, the entry resembles a standard T-36. As printed in SOT, the T-36 tends to spin in turns or other tight maneuvers when in atmosphere. To reflect this, increase the difficulty of maneuvers in atmosphere by +10.

- Alien Species -

Troig (SON, pages 38-39)
Average Troig
. Dexterity 1D+2, Knowledge 2D, Mechanical 2D, Perception 3D, Strength 1D+2, Technical 1D+2.
Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Ambidexterity: Troigs are naturally ambidextrous, and suffer no off-hand penalties.
Hard to Surprise: Because a Troig's heads are constantly looking out for one another, they are difficult to surprise. As such, they gain a +1D bonus to all Search skill checks to detect ambushes.
Multitasking: Due to the fact that their two heads share two arms, Troigs can do two things at once and suffer no penalties. Each head performs separate actions in combat, as well. The two heads can combine actions, as well (refer to the rules for combined actions, SWD6, pages 82-83).
Two Heads: All Troigs have at least two heads, and each head houses a separate mind and personality. The two heads share a limited form of telepathy, and they can understand one another perfectly even if one is speaking a language the other does not know.
Move: 10/12
Size: Unlisted (medium)
Game Notes: This isn't a direct conversion of a species from "Secrets of Tatooine," but rather an extrapolation on the Troig race (of which the sportscaster Fodesinbeed (aka, Fode and Beed) belongs).

- Creatures -

Eopie (SOT, pages 13-14, SWG#4, pages 34-35)
Dexterity 1D+2
Perception 1D+1
search 3D
Strength 4D+2
Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength+2 damage.
Move: 6
Size: @2 meters tall
Orneriness: 2D
Notes: For every ten years of age, an eopie's Orneriness rating drops by 1D (minimum 0D).

Mole Serpent (SOT, pages 93-94)
Dexterity 1D+1
Perception 1D+1
search 4D+1
sneak 4D
Strength 7D
Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +1D+2 damage.
Burrow: The mole serpent can burrow through the ground with a Move score of 10.
Stealth: When a mole serpent burrows through the ground, it can only be detected by an opposed roll between the character's Search skill and the mole serpent's Sneak skill (the mole serpent gains a +15 bonus to its roll due to the fact that it is moving under ground).
Swallow: The mole worm attacks by surfacing, then biting and attempting to swallow its prey. If the initial attack roll is successful, the serpent is assumed to have its target in its mouth (inflicting normal bite damage). The next round, the serpent makes an opposed Strength check against its target. If it succeeds, it swallows the target whole. Once inside the serpent, the target takes 5D acid damage until it is either dead or it somehow breaks out (either by cutting its way out, or climbing out with a successful Climbing/Jumping check that is Very Difficult). Note that climbing back into the creature's mouth isn't sure salvation – the character will still need to succeed in an opposed Strength check with the serpent in order to leave its mouth. If the worm fails in its attack, it will retreat below the ground and wait for another opportunity to strike.
Tremorsense: The mole worm can make Search rolls underground to sense the location of characters within 20 meters on the surface. The difficulty is normally Moderate, but drops to Easy if the character is moving.
Move: 10
Size: 10-18 meters long

Rock Wart (SOT, pages 14-15)
Dexterity 3D+1
bite 4D
Perception 1D+1
search 1D+2
sneak 3D+1
Strength 0D+2
climb 3D+1
Special Abilities:
Venomous Bite: If the rock wart successfully bites a target, it injects a neurotoxin that does 5D damage to its target. If the victim dies (or goes unconscious), the rock wart will make a snack of its victim before laying 4D eggs inside him. After four days, the eggs hatch, and the larval rock warts devour the carcass.
Move: 4
Size: Unlisted (diminutive)

- NPCs -

Arajen Turman, male human (SOT, page 61)
Dexterity 2D+1
blaster 5D
dodge 4D+2
vehicle blasters 5D
Knowledge 3D+1
intimidation 6D
languages 4D+1
planetary systems: Tatooine 5D+1
scholar: military 7D
survival 5D+2
willpower 6D+1
Mechanical 3D+1
astrogation 5D+1
capital ship pilot 6D
capital ship shields 5D+1
starfighter pilot 6D+1
starship gunnery 5D+1
starship shields 5D
Perception 3D+1
con 5D+1
investigation 4D+2
persuasion 5D
search 4D
Strength 2D+2
brawl 4D+2
Technical 3D
computer programming/repair 5D

Bib Fortuna (in the body of Firith Olan), male Twi'lek (SOT, pages 61-62)
Dexterity 2D+1
blaster: hold out blaster 4D
dodge 4D+2
Knowledge 3D
bureaucracy 5D
business 7D
intimidation 6D
languages 4D
scholar: B'omarr 3D+2
scholar: Ryloth 4D+1
streetwise 5D
streetwise: Jabba's organization 5D
value: ryll 6D+2
value: spice 7D
Mechanical 2D+2
Perception 4D+1
bargain 5D
command: Jabba's minions 6D
con 5D+2
forgery 7D
hide 5D
investigation 7D
persuasion 5D+1
sneak 5D
Strength 3D
Technical 2D
computer programming/repair 3D+1
security 3D

Eefive-Tootoo (E522) (SOT, page 49)
Type: Modified Sienar Intelligence Systems E522 Series Assassin Droid
Dexterity 3D
blaster 5D+2
melee weapons 3D+1
Knowledge 2D
intimidation 3D
survival 5D
Mechanical 1D
Perception 2D
hide 4D+1
search 4D
search: tracking 4D+2
sneak 4D+1
Strength 5D
brawl 5D+1
Technical 1D
Equipped With:
Armor (Adds +2D to Strength rolls to resist damage)
Move: 6
Size: Unlisted (medium)
Cost: Not available for sale

Fodesinbeed, aka "Fode and Beed," male Troig (SOT, pages 38-39)
Dexterity 2D+2
blaster 3D
Knowledge 3D+1
languages 3D+2
planetary systems: Tatooine 5D+1
scholar: pod racing 5D
Mechanical 3D
Perception 3D+2
persuasion 5D+2
search 5D
Strength 2D+2
Technical 2D+2
computer programming/repair 4D+2

Gardulla the Hutt, female Hutt (SOT, pages 35-36)
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 5D
intimidation 6D+2
languages 5D+2
planetary systems: Nal Hutta 7D
planetary systems: Tatooine 5D+2
streetwise 6D+2
value 6D
willpower 8D
Mechanical 2D+1
Perception 4D
con 6D
investigation 5D+2
persuasion 7D+2
Strength 4D+2
Technical 3D

Generic B'omarr Monk Initiate (SOT, page 18)
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 3D
planetary systems: Tatooine 4D+2
scholar: B'omarr order 4D+2
survival 5D+1
willpower 3D+2
Mechanical 1D+2
Perception 2D+2
Strength 1D
Technical 2D+2
computer programming/repair 4D+1
droid programming 3D
droid repair 4D
first aid 5D

Herogga the Hutt, male Hutt (SOT, pages 59-60)
Dexterity 0D+2
blaster 3D
dodge 3D+1
melee weapons 2D+1
Knowledge 3D+2
intimidation 6D
planetary systems: Nal Hutta 5D
planetary systems: Tatooine 5D
streetwise 5D+1
survival 5D
value 5D+1
willpower 5D+1
Mechanical 3D
repulsorlift operation 4D+1
Perception 4D+1
con 8D+1
investigation 7D+2
persuasion 5D+2
Strength 5D
brawl 7D
Technical 3D
computer programming/repair 4D+1

Porcellus, male human (SOT, page 53)
Dexterity 2D
Knowledge 2D+1
alien species 3D+2
culture: Hutt 3D+2
value 3D+2
Mechanical 1D+2
beast riding 2D+1
Perception 2D+1
search 3D
Strength 1D+1
Technical 2D+1
cooking 5D+2

Shiri'ani, female Twi'lek (SOT, pages 58-59)
Dexterity 3D
dancing 6D
dodge 4D
melee weapons 4D
Knowledge 3D+1
languages 4D+1
scholar: Ryloth 4D+1
streetwise 4D+2
survival 3D+2
value 4D
willpower 5D
Mechanical 2D+1
Perception 4D+1
con 6D+2
hide 4D+2
investigation 7D+1
persuasion 5D+1
sneak 5D
Strength 2D
Technical 2D

Shmi Skywalker, female human (SOT, page 37)
Dexterity 2D
Knowledge 2D
languages 2D+1
scholar: Mos Espa 3D+1
survival 2D+1
Mechanical 2D
Perception 2D
Strength 1D+2
Technical 2D+1
computer programming/repair 3D
droid repair 3D+1
repulsorlift repair 3D

Wuher, male human (SOT, page 45)
Dexterity 1D+2
Knowledge 2D
alien species 3D+1
intimidation 2D+2
scholar: chemistry 4D
scholar: poisons 3D+1
Mechanical 2D
Perception 1D+1
search 2D
Strength 2D+2
Technical 2D+1
computer programming/repair 3D+1
distilling 3D+2
mixing drinks 3D+2

- Droids -

Type: B'omarr Brain Walker (SOT, pages 18-19)
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 1D
Mechanical 1D
Perception 1D
Strength 1D
Technical 1D
Equipped With:
Processor (Allows the brain walker to answer a monk's telepathic summons)
Brain support unit (Keeps the living brain of a monk alive while it is not attached to any other support equipment)
Move: 8
Size: Unlisted (medium)
Cost: 800

- Miscellaneous Rules -

B'omaar Enlightenment (SOT, sidebar, page 20)
Game Notes
: Keeping the brain alive long enough to transplant it requires a Heroic Medicine (A) skill roll, though the B'omaar monks are usually equipped with specialized machinery that grant a +15 to their skill checks when performing the surgery. Failure indicates that the brain dies. Once the brain regains consciousness, psychosis may develop. This requires the brain to make a Very Difficult Willpower skill check, with a failed roll indicating madness. Madness is reflected in the brain's Knowledge and Perception scores both dropping to 1D each. An additional Willpower check is allowed once per day, and each successful roll restores +1 pips to both Perception and Knowledge scores (until they reach their original maximums). It is possible that the B'omaar might want to place an enlightened brain back into a physical body. This requires a suitable receptacle, as well as another Heroic Medicine (A) skill check (the machinery used in removing the brain cannot be used to assist in this operation).

- Existing Material References -

Below, you will find book and page references to everything in the "Secrets of Tatooine" supplement that has been previously detailed in WEG products. If it's on this list, that's why I haven't presented conversion information for it. This list might also be useful for players and GMs of SWd20 who are looking for additional reference material on any of the following subjects. Be warned, I only plan to list up to three or four references for each entry.

Alien Species –

Jawas (SOT, pages 11-12)
SWS, pages 75-77; GG#1 pages 9 and 12.

Tusken Raiders (SOT, pages 10-11)
SWS, page 80; GG#1, pages 12-13.

Vehicles –

Cargo Skiff (SOT, page 28)
SWD6, page 245; SWS, page 63; SWTSE, page 159.

Flare-S Swoop (SOT, page 30)
SWTSE, page 158.

Sail Barges (SOT, page 28)
SWD6, page 245; SWS, pages 61and 63; SWTSE, page 159.

Sandcrawlers (SOT, pages 12-13)
GG#1, pages 10-11 (no stats); SWTSE, page 157.

T-16 Skyhopper (SOT, page 29)
GG#1, page 89; GG#7, pages 32-33.

Creatures –

Bantha (SOT, page 13)
SWD6, page 222; SWS, pages 86-87; GG#1, page 22; GG#7, page 78; SWTSE, pages 172-173.

Krayt Dragon (SOT, page 14)
GG#1, page 23; SWTSE, page 176.

Rancor (SOT, page 54)
SWD6, page 224; SWS, pages 89-90; GG#5, pages 14-15; SWTSE, page 177.

Ronto (SOT, page 15)
SWTSE, page 178.

Sarlacc (SOT, pages 7-8)
GG#5, page 24; SWTSE, pages 178.

Scurrier (SOT, pages 15-16)
SWTSE, page 179.

Vesuvague Hanging Tree (SOT, sidebar, page 47)
GG#7, page 73.

Womp Rat (ROT, page 16)
GG#7, pages 90-91.

Worrt (ROT, pages 16-17)
GG#5, page 10; SWTSE, page 182.

NPCs –

Bib Fortuna, male Twi'lek (SOT, pages 34-35)
GG#5, pages 10-11; SWTSE, pages 66-67.

Chalmun, male Wookie (SOT, pages 44-45)
GG#7, page 54.

Ephant Mon, male Chevin (SOT, page 50)
GG#5, pages 16-17; SWTSE, page 72.

Eugene Talmont, male human (SOT, page 40)
GG#7, page 24.

Garindan, male Kubaz (SOT, pages 42-43)
GG#1, pages 42 and 46; SWTSE, pages 39-40.

Generic Customs Official (SOT, page 26)
GG#7, pages 15 and 17.

Harburik (Lieutenant), male human (SOT, page 42)
GG#7, page 25.

Jabba the Hutt, male Hutt (SOT, page 34)
GG#5, pages 13-14; GG#7, page 49; SWTSE, page 70-71.

Kabe, female Chadra-fan (SOT, pages 45-46)
GG#1, page 39; SWTSE, pages 85-86.

Labria, male Devaronian (SOT, page 46)
GG#1, pages 32-33; SWTSE, pages 87-88.

Lady Valarian, female Whiphid (SOT, pages 48-49)
GG#7, sidebar, page 69.

Malakili, male human (SOT, pages 53-54)
Please see SWTSE, page 91.

Momaw Nadon, male Ithorian (SOT, pages 46-47)
GG#1, pages 27-29; GG#7, pages 73-74; SWTSE, pages 95-97.

Muftak, male Talz (SOT, pages 47-48)
GG#1, pages 34 and 39; SWTSE, pages 94-95.

Ortugg, male Gamorrean (SOT, page 50)
GG#5, pages 11 and 13; SWTSE, pages 72-73.

Police Officer (SOT, page 27)
GG#7, pages 23-24.

Salacious Crumb (SOT, page 54)
GG#5, pages 15-16; SWTSE, page 75.

Sandtrooper (SOT, page 42)
Please see GG#1, pages 19-21; GG#7, page 22; SWTSE, pages 54-55.

Tessek, male Quarren (SOT, pages 50-51)
GG#5, pages 18-20; SWTSE, pages 75-77.

Weequays (SOT, page 53)
GG#5, pages 20-21 and 24; SWTSE, page 77.

Zutton, male Snivvian (SOT, pages 51-52)
SWTSE, pages 107-108.

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