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With WEG no longer producing D6 Star Wars material, where can you go to purchase D6 products?

Online Stores –

Below you'll find a list of online stores which carry WEG items. We cannot vouch for the reliability, security, or continuing availability of these shops, but if you're looking for WEG stock they might be a good place to start. You may also want to try eBay or Caveat emptor!

Cyberdungeon is a large online gaming store with a fair amount of WEG products, found here.

The Dragon's Trove has quite a lot of mint and near mint WEG products available at low prices here.

Dreamer's Den Game Shoppe is selling its selection of Star Wars material on this page.

Fantasy En'Counter is a German site, but if you know the language or are handy with the Babelfish, you'll find D6 material here.

A Canadian company, Le Valet d'Coeur Online has its remaining Star Wars stock listed under the West End Games menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Stephen Weir's RPG and Game Sale has a selection of Star Wars material in its Miscellaneous N-Z section.

Titan Games also has lots of material available. Search for West End Games in the Publisher index.

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