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Star Wars and all of its associated characters, titles, place names, graphics, and iconography are Lucasfilm, Ltd. No infringement is intended by the use of material copyrighted to Lucasfilm, Ltd. and/or its licensees, including West End Games and Wizards of the Coast. All material on this page is unauthorized, unofficial, used without express permission, is not intended for sale, and will be removed immediately upon request of Lucasfilm, Ltd. or its licensees. The only official Star Wars web site is This is a fan site for fans. Please don't send us to the spice mines of Kessel.

Most of the stellar graphics associated with the Cerberus Sector were taken from A.V. Dezign: The Killer Clip-Arts From Outer Space and modified to suit our needs with Photoshop. The remainder are modified NASA photographs (notably Seyer's Rock, which came out of a color photo of the asteroid Ida and its moon).

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