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Vale is the last stop anyone makes before leaving the Cerberus sector for the dangers of the Outer Rim. It is an ugly planet from orbit, a mottled mixture of dark green and brown, with heavy clouds and near-constant precipitation. Much of Vale's economic strength comes in the form of foodstuffs, as the climate is well-suited to several types of grains. It would be otherwise unremarkable, if not for the discovery of Valean truffles by early colonists.

These legendary truffles are a form of native fungus that grows along the swampy shores of the planet's landscape. Pink-orange in color and typically heavy for their size (which can often exceed sixty centimeters in diameter), Valean truffles act as a highly-addictive narcotic to most carbon-based lifeforms. When processed and refined, they produce a spice unlike no other in the galaxy, which both expands the mind and sets the user's brain tingling with pleasure.

Widespread demand for the truffles spells the eventual doom of one of Vale's indigenous species: the Yycan. The Yycan are a race of intelligent gastropods whose sole source of sustenance is the Valean truffle. Not normally territorial, the Yycan have recently taken to defending their feeding grounds. This has led to armed conflict between poachers and the stone-age Yycan herds, who stand little chance against their blaster-armed foes. While the planetary government has loudly denounced the depredations of truffle hunters, little progress has been made in recognizing the rights of the Yycan to their own feeding grounds. Hundreds of Yycan family units have already been decimated, either through starvation or violence, and the trend only grows stronger as the weeks pass.

Vale's most famous port of call is not on the planet's surface, but in its orbit. Lavinia Orbital Station is a teardrop-shaped platform on the very edge of the planet's atmosphere. A central location for commerce and tourism in the Jeraede system, Lavinia has also become an Imperial garrison. In addition to the troops aboard the station, the surrounding space is patrolled by the Ardent, an Imperial Lancer-class frigate. Imperial ships passing through the sector have begun to frequent Lavinia, both to pick up supplies and to grant their overworked crews some much-deserved R&R.

Planet: Vale
: Jeraede
Star: Jeraede
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Light (68%)
Terrain: Oceans, Wetlands, Swamps
Hydrosphere: Moist (8% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 23
Days/Year: 180
Indigenous Sapient Species: Yycan
: 1 Standard, 1 Limited
Major Population: 400,000 Humans, 60,000+ Yycan
Planet Function: Agriculture
Government: Guild/Professional Organization
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Agriculture, Foodstuffs, Narcotics
Major Imports: Machinery, Equipment, Computers
Kaeron Interests: Manufacture and Distribution of Narcotics/Drugs
Orbital Bodies:
EskBaked Clay Ball1
KestalGas Giant7

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