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Trisep, the newest Kaeron colony in the sector, is a large world with a gravity and atmosphere similar to standard specifications. The equatorial regions are slightly above freezing year-round, while the northern and southern regions quickly become icy tundra and, eventually, frozen polar areas (covering the top and bottom fourths of the planet).

There are several settlements, the largest of which is called Hobbe's Point (after the late Hobbe Kaeron). Hobbe's Point is a major industrial city complete with a Stellar-class starport. The city is modern, for the most part, with tall buildings reaching up into the sky.

Major exports from Trisep include heavy metals, industrial machinery, and water. As such, the atmosphere has been tainted by many years of industrial waste and pollution. Cloud cover and smog are often very heavy, with thick fog descending to the planet's surface at night, and heavy hailstorms being common during the daylight hours.

A good deal of the shipyards drift in orbit around the planet, and there is a steady stream of traffic from the surface as raw materials are sent skyward. It is these shipyards which have recently been co-opted by Santhe/Sienar, which dealt a crippling blow to the KIC's legitimate industrial efforts.

Of interest to daredevils and pod jockeys is the Fronia 250, a twisting overland pod racing course that slices soutwards through the Fronia Rift. The Rift is made up of hundreds of canyons, ravines, cliffs, and caves, that slice at random directions through the thick rock of Trisep's northern hemisphere. The majority of the Rift has yet to be conclusively mapped, and the wreckage of hundreds of racing pods litter the rocky floors like confetti.

Planet: Trisep
: Adriet
Star: Adriet (Blue)
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Cool
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (104%)
Terrain: Tundra, Mountains
Hydrosphere: Moist/Frozen (13% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 25
Days/Year: 270
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Stellar, 1 Standard, 2 Limited
Major Population: 2 Million Humans
Planet Function: Mining, High Tech Manufacturing
Government: Organized Crime
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Heavy Metals, Industrial Machinery, Water
Major Imports: Labor, Equipment, Foodstuffs
Kaeron Interests: Diversified (Mining, Factories, and Refineries)

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