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Travis is a medium-sized planet in a wide orbit around Ibedda, a yellow star. While the world is temperate, there is very little surface moisture (the majority of which is confined to several large lakes in the southern hemisphere). The rest of the planet is rolling grassland and savanna. The planetary government, before Imperial occupation, was a group of separate nations competing for planetary resources. The economy is based on agriculture, farming animals (banthas and native r'yaks, a shaggy bull-like creature valued for its meat and fur) and grains.

Travis' capital city is Brett. Brett is a typical atomic-age city (skyscrapers, pollution, etc.). Most vehicles are wheeled and powered by natural gas or electricity. In order to enter the city, visitors must pass through a Customs check point. They must walk through weapon detectors, submit to search of all carried items, and present their identification to the officers. Visitors are typically given a twelve hour visa. The officers warn, "Do not lose your visa. Do not give anyone, except the authorities, your visa. Without your visa, you have no rights here. If you lose your visa or remain within the city after your visa has expired, you will be subject to arrest."

The past few months, filled with fighting and destruction, have been difficult on the people of Travis. Entire families have been torn apart by both political and military strife, and the Empire has descended upon the planet with an iron fist. Rebel sympathizers are often herded into secluded ghettos where they can be easily monitored and, if need be, eliminated.

Planet: Travis
: Ibedda
Star: Ibedda
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (103%)
Terrain: Savannah
Hydrosphere: Dry (76% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 32
Days/Year: 165
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Imperial, 1 Stellar
Major Population: 700 million humans
Planet Function: Agriculture, Sector Capital
Government: Competing States (Imperial-Controlled)
Tech Level: Atomic
Major Exports: Grain, Foodstuffs, Water
Major Imports: Alloys, Machinery, Luxuries
Kaeron Interests: Imperial Graft & Corruption

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