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Strung around Cherith like a necklace of Mandalorian pearls, the Toscano asteroid belt is one of Cerberus Sector's most-frequented attractions. Once famous for the precious metals and gems taken from its mines, it is now the premier spot for high-stakes gambling in the entire sector. Like any other planet where money is the prime commodity, Toscano has its share of rough edges. The amount of credits that change hands daily allows the Kaeron Syndicate to hide the majority of its illicit transactions in the system. Behind the casinos, hotels, and glamour of the location, all manner of ugliness and vice are there for the taking.

The Toscano belt has humble beginnings. It was originally one of two large asteroid belts in the Cherith system, which attracted long-haul miners looking for a score. A Sullustan miner, Parein Sedin, struck it rich when he discovered a large deposit of precious gems. Korin, one of Antun Kaeron's sons, somehow convinced Parein to sell his claim. He then hired his own mining experts to rape the belt of anything remotely valuable.

Amazingly enough, the belt was one of the richest on record, bringing in untold millions of credits and bankrolling the Kaeron syndicate's activities for years to come. As word of unclaimed riches spread like wildfire, the Toscano belt became a bustling hub of activity in the sector. Miners, fortune-hunters, and treasure-seekers from as far away as Coruscant came to make their fortunes. The population grew, and Korin Kaeron saw yet another opportunity for profit.

The mined-out portions of the belt were transformed into a boom town, a den of diversion for the thousands of miners who spent long days searching for treasures. The money that these miners managed to cut from the rocks of the belt was poured right back into the Kaeron Syndicate's coffers. Not even this business venture could last forever, and Korin was ready for the next step. Once the valuables dried up and the miners began to trickle away, Korin opened his first resort/casino. Using the system's rough reputation as a major selling point, he managed to pamper and spoil the few initial guests who answered his call. Within a year, aristocrats were coming to Toscano in droves.

These days, Toscano is home to nearly thirty casinos and resorts, a little more than a third of them controlled by the Kaeron Syndicate, with a good portion of the others paying kickbacks. The entire system is overseen by an Imperial governor, whose loyalty (up until recently) has been easily bought. With the Empire's renewed interest in Cerberus Sector, things aren't quite what they used to be.

Planet: Toscano Asteroid Belt
: Cherith
Star: Cherith
Type: Asteroid Belt
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (100%)
Terrain: Hotels & Casinos, Caves
Hydrosphere: None
Hours/Day: 24
Days/Year: 235
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Stellar, 1 Standard
Major Population: 80,000 Various Species
Planet Function: Entertainment, Mining
Government: Imperial Governor
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Precious Minerals
Major Imports: Gamblers
Kaeron Interests: Vice, Smuggling

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