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Seyer's Rock (referred to as "the Rock") is a large, hollow asteroid in the Cupa system. The Cupa system, which is nestled just off the Corellian run between Travis and Vale, is made up of five distinct asteroid belts and three gas giants (Yan, Pesta, and Olia), each with countless moons. Lord Joffo Seyer holds sway over the Rock, and keeps secret caches on asteroids and moons within the Cupa system. He allows people to rent these secret places, booking the service as a sort of safety deposit box for hot goods. He also buys goods from smugglers. Though his prices are typically low, he will buy just about anything, no questions asked, making him a great way to get rid of something in a hurry.

The Rock was originally a mining outpost. When the ore ran out, the belters left the hollow asteroid behind. Shortly afterward, a pirate group converted the asteroid into a base. Their stay was only temporary, as Joffo Seyer won it from the pirate leader in a sabaac game. Seyer moved in with a few of his cronies and set up shop as an independent shadowport. The large, hollow asteroid provided plenty of room for expansion. With artificial gravity in place, the entire shell was renovated and made spaceworthy within a few years.

Joffo Seyer is a middle-aged Toydarian from a family of means. He engineered the deaths of his siblings, and inherited a vast sum of credits from his parents. Always a scoundrel and a gambler, he made his living on the Fringe. Soon after he'd turned forty, a deal gone sour woke him up to his own mortality. Shaken up by the experience, he began to surround himself with capable thugs, bruisers, and bodyguards who, he surmised, could take the risk for him.

Seyer made his real money dealing spice for the Hutts. Determined to go into business for himself, the Rock was the opportunity he had been looking for. To his mind, all he needed to do was clean it up and the scum and villains of Cerberus Sector would beat a path to his door.

He was wrong. Business didn't pick up for a long while, due in part to the firm hold the Kaeron family had over illegal activity in the sector. Seyer made overtures to the family, expressing his interest in a partnership. His connection to the Hutts and ability to move hot commodities made him valuable, and the family agreed.

Since then, Seyer's Rock has been a little-known shadowport, a haven for smugglers and crooks that have nowhere else to go. They sell their goods to Lord Seyer, who acts as a fence, and he in turn rents them space and charges "taxes" for business expenses (increasing his profits exponentially). His operation isn't huge, but he makes a good deal of credits from the businesses that have since opened up in the Rock. Bars, brothels, ship mechanics and technicians – any service you'd expect to find in a real port is available in the Rock. While the overall population isn't staggering, there is still plenty of room for growth.

There are twenty-two levels in the Rock, and they can be accessed by turbolifts or ladders. No two turbolifts are alike, having been scavenged from a plethora of sources. The turbolift system is rarely fully functional, and portions of it are always shut down, under repair, or not working. Power is provided by a large reactor (rumored to be from a Victory-class star destroyer). Power conduits are individually connected to separate areas, and Seyer has been known to shut off power and life support to those residents he doesn't appreciate.

Levels 1-3 are Lord Seyer's personal floors. They consist of his private mansions, warehouses, and hanger facilities. Those beings fortunate enough to do business with Seyer himself are often ushered to his offices on level 3. Level 4 is dedicated to security, and anyone wanting to go into Seyer's personal levels has to get through this one first. Levels 5-8 are docking facilities. Levels 9-15 are a mixture of residential and business, home to most of the residents of the Rock. Levels 16-19 include more docking facilities. Levels 20-22 currently house the engineering department, which includes the reactor that powers the Rock, life support, shield generators, etc.

Although the Rock's shield generator is fairly weak, it is enough to repel a small-scale attack. The Rock isn't defenseless, however. All manner of salvaged turbolasers, blasters, and laser turrets dot the surface, with more added whenever time and manpower permit.

Planet: Seyer's Rock
: Cupa
Star: Cupa
Type: Space Station
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (93% to 102%,
   depending on local conditions)
Terrain: Caves
Hydrosphere: None
Hours/Day: 24
Days/Year: 412
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Standard
Major Population: 500 Various Species
Planet Function: Shadowport
Government: Organized Crime
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Stolen and Illegal Goods
Major Imports: Stolen and Illegal Goods

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