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Opinion throughout the sector is that the Kaeron colonization of Roweleni II was a waste of time and resources. The Kaeron that live there would likely disagree. Though inhospitable (year-round temperatures are rarely above freezing) and with very little surface water that isn't frozen, Roweleni is still home to a remarkable resource: the Haodith.

Kaeron/Haodith relations have only gotten better since the first colonists arrived several hundred years ago. To the Kaeron living on Roweleni II, the Haodith are an extended family of sorts, and they have a vested interest in the well-being of their thick-skinned brothers and sisters. The Haodith have even allowed the Kaeron to place family members on their Council of Barons, and both species have prominent roles in politics of the world that they share. The council meets twice a year in the planetary capital of Qaol.

Roweleni II is a cold, drab desert world, much of the planet's surface consisting of high plateaus covered in thorny, twisted vegetation and short, stunted trees. A wide variety of life exists, and every ecological niche is filled by one creature or another. The most geologically-active areas of the planet are almost always near the frozen waters of the equatorial region. Beneath these frozen seas, hot springs and volcanoes support a complex and diverse ecology that was unknown to the Haodith prior to the landing of the Kaeron colonists.

The planet has more than its own fair share of tectonic activity, with earthquakes being a daily occurrence. The Haodith, by necessity, have learned to live with their world's constant rumbling, something that distresses tourists and newcomers to no end. Haodith architecture is therefore sturdy, and advanced far beyond what their initial tech level would suggest.

Planet: Roweleni II
: Peras
Star: Peras
Type: Satellite
Temperature: Cool
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (99%)
Terrain: Desert Plateau
Hydrosphere: Dry (82% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 17
Days/Year: 315
Indigenous Sapient Species: Haodith
: 2 Standard, 2 Limited
Major Population: 20 Million Haodith, 2 Million humans
Planet Function: High Tech Manufacturing
Government: Feudal/Republic
Tech Level: Feudal (Haodith), Space (Human/Kaeron Colonists)
Major Exports: Communications Equipment, Satellites
Major Imports: Water
Kaeron Interests: Data Theft, Information Brokerage, Espionage

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