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When compared to Caulfeld, Nilea is practically a paradise. From orbit, it appears as a cerulean orb, with three small moons and a faint system of blue-green rings encircling its girth. Deep blue oceans surround the three continents, the land of which is composed of plains and gently rolling hills. Much of the dry land in the southern hemisphere has been heavily urbanized, and some of the sector's most prestigious universities can be found on Nilea.

Though lacking in the raw materials required for heavy industry, the non-urban Nilean landscape teems with life and vegetation. Many of these plants and animals have been found to have medicinal uses, with untold thousands of others waiting for discovery. Many of the marine species that swim the planet's seas are edible (not to mention tasty), and the fishing industry on Nilea is alive and well.

The population of Nilea has been growing steadily each year, a trend which may lead to the end of its verdant plains. The guild that lays claim to Nilea, a conglomeration of Corporate Sector and independent medical interests, has therefore declared some portions of the planet off-limits for colonization. The preservation of potentially valuable resources is too high a priority these days to allow new colonists free reign to settle where they want.

Imperial interest in the sector has prompted some research agencies to go underground in order to avoid Imperial scrutiny. Much of the research done recently was under more relaxed conditions and regulations. With the Empire sniffing around the sector for Alliance sympathizers, these researchers have decided that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Planet: Nilea
System: Unala
Star: Unala (Yellow)
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (101%)
Terrain: Urban, Oceans, Plains
Hydrosphere: Moderate (38% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 32
Days/Year: 270
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Stellar, 2 Standard
Major Population: 3 Million Humans
Planet Function: Manufacturing, Research
Government: Guild/Professional Organization
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Research, Medical Science, Food, Water
Major Imports: Equipment, Labor
Kaeron Interests: Cybernetics, Medicines

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