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The Cerberus Nebula is a vast cloud of gas and dust, with three star systems (Tana, Asti, and Kudien) at its center. Stretching for millions of kilometers, the Nebula is avoided by sensible spacers due to its reputation as a haunted area of space. Local legends hold that the Asti system was once home to a Sith stronghold, wherein all manners of evil were indulged by its depraved inhabitants.

The debased experiments of the Sith lead to an imbalance within the Asti system's primary star, which in turn spread out, eventually engulfing the neighboring systems of Tana and Kudien. Millions of lives were snuffed out, and the nebula itself formed in the wake of the dark forces that the Sith had unleashed. It is rumored that these black energies flash like lightning on the periphery of the Nebula, slowly expanding outward. The old spacehands claim that if left unchecked, the Nebula will someday claim the entirety of the sector, and eventually, the galaxy.

In modern times, the legends have been dismissed as the ravings of lunatics and hermits. Even so, the Nebula attracts all manner of researchers and fortune-hunters. Researchers delve into the secrets of the Nebula, collecting and collating scientific data in order to better understand the nature of the phenomenon. Fortune-hunters, on the other hand, venture into the Nebula itself, hoping to reach the lost systems within and claim some their legendary treasures for their own. Unsurprisingly, few of them return, and those that do seem to have been driven mad by the Nebula's immeasurable depths.

While legends of the Sith are still told in hushed tones in bars and cantinas all over the sector, research has revealed that several planets do indeed orbit within the Asti, Tana, and Kudien star systems. Furthermore, recent discoveries have indicated that the nebula is slowly spreading outward. Though its advance is gradual and deliberate, its expansion is still faster than what most scientists would consider normal. The scientists of Huven Station are perplexed, but they maintain that anything is possible in as vast a universe as theirs.

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