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The longest established research outpost in the sector is Huven Station, a spindle of alloy and plasteel that travels slowly upon the very border of the Cerberus Nebula. Sponsored privately, Huven Station sees a steady influx of scientists who are eager to look into what sector legends refer to as "the very heart of Hell." The research performed on the station is both time-consuming and mundane. Many of these scientists grow bored and leave after a time, only to be replaced by new volunteers with bright eyes and imaginations fueled by fairy tales.

Planet: Huven Station
: Not Applicable
Star: Not Applicable
Type: Research Outpost
Temperature: Temperate
Air: Type I
Gravity: Standard (100%)
Terrain: Space Station
Hydrosphere: None
Hours/Day: 24
Days/Year: 365
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Standard
Major Population: 250 Various (Researchers)
Planet Function: Research
Government: Independent
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Luxuries, Equipment

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