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DB Organizer Droid
The DB series droids were designed as automated date books and organizers. The DB series droids are programmed to take notations, organize busy schedules, give reminders of important appointments, store (and connect to) comcodes and physical addresses of friends and relatives, as well as assist the traveling businessman with such tasks as language translation and cutting through red tape. Able to link up with and transfer data to most computer systems, from the smallest palmtop to the largest mainframe. The droids are friendly and congenial without being overbearing or annoying, and are available in a multitude of designer colors and patterns.

Type: Accutronics DB Organizer Droid
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 4D
bureaucracy 6D, business 6D, languages 7D
Mechanical 1D
Perception 1D
Strength 1D
Technical 1D
Equipped With:
Spherical Body (20 centimeter diameter)
Repulsorlift Unit (2 meter ceiling)
Vocabulator (The droid can replicate organic speech)
Holoprojector (Small)
Comlink (The droid has an integrated comlink system)
Scomp Link
Audio Recorder & Microphone (The droid can record and play back up to an hour of audio footage)
Personal Database (Includes standard features for organizing personal schedules, phone numbers, addresses, dates, etc.)
Move: 5
Size: .2 meter diameter
Cost: 2000 credits (new)
Availability: 2
Personality Matrix: Advanced

PX-Series Security Droid
The matte-black PX-series is squat (about a meter tall), with four long legs extended from the chassis. It looks more like a four-legged spider than anything else, with a rotating sensor cluster mounted on the top of its central hub. When properly functioning, the PX can change directions instantly just by rotating its sensor cluster.

Type: Arakyd PX-Series Security Droid
Four-Legged Walking Security Droid
Dexterity 2D
blaster 4D, dodge 4D
Knowledge 1D
intimidation 3D, law enforcement 3D, tactics 2D
Mechanical 1D
Perception 1D
search 4D
Strength 3D
climbing/jumping 5D
Technical 1D
security 4D
Equipped With:
Armor Coating
(Adds +1D to the droid's Strength when resisting damage from energy weapons)
Improved Sensor Package (video)
(Adds +2 to the droid's Search skill)
Locked Access (The droid's shut-down switch is secured or internally located)
Weapon Mount (The droid has one appendage that can accommodate an integral weapon of some sort)
Vocabulator (The droid can replicate organic speech)
Move: 12
Size: 1.1 meters tall
Cost: No longer in production, but used models (which are rare) can be had for about 3000 credits.
Availability: 4, R
Personality Matrix: Elementary

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