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Caulfeld III, a cold, rocky, inhospitable planet, is the unlikely seat of the Kaeron family's power within the Cerberus Sector. Well off the beaten track, it nonetheless teems with activity. The capital city of Fauth is a series of domed complexes, all spanning from a central hub. Built on a massive plateau near the equator, Fauth is a symbol of Antun Kaeron's determination and strength. Large factory complexes and untold droid laborers, now controlled by a subdivision of KDY, transform raw ore into alloys, which is then sent skyward to orbital dock facilities before being shipped to Vale or Travis.

Environmental control is crucial to the survival of human life on the planet, as the outside temperature is well below freezing, and the atmosphere is a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Primitive life forms eke out a precarious existence on the surface of this inhospitable ball of rock and ice, but very few of them pose any danger to the humans who call Caulfeld home. The climate is mild, and cloudless gray skies loom oppressively over the parched landscape.

Kaeron scientists have researched the possibility of transforming the world into a paradise where colonists can walk freely beneath Caulfeld's leaden skies. Though always a constant desire, the family has in recent weeks turned this dream into a priority. Very little of what they once considered theirs remains in their control, and this desperation lends a fevered pitch to the research.

Unfortunately, KDY's plans for the system are to strip it of all valuable resources. Parts of the landscape, once pristine, have become dumping grounds for all manner of waste materials produced by the corporation. The KIC has lodged formal complaints, but there has been little progress made, either with the Empire or the upper levels of Kuat Drive Yards.

Planet: Caulfeld III
: Caulfeld
Star: Caulfeld (White)
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Frigid
Air: Type II
Gravity: Standard (97%)
Terrain: Mountains, Plateaus
Hydrosphere: Dry (76% covered by land)
Hours/Day: 16
Days/Year: 135
Indigenous Sapient Species: None
: 1 Standard
Major Population: 450,000 Humans
Planet Function: Mid- and High-Tech Manufacturing
Government: Corporate-Owned (KIC)
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Plastics, Alloys
Major Imports: Food, Water, Luxury Items
Kaeron Interests: Administration
Orbital Bodies:
CIITiny freezing ball0
CIVGas giant13
CVFrigid rock0

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