by Amy Luther
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A netrunner named Virtue worked up these programs during our infamous Coke Madness Panama City game.

Clone  (Evasion, STR 5, MU 3, 460eb)

A modified Doppleganger. It creates only 1D4 copies of the runner's ICON and trace, but the program will re-rez when the last copy has been destroyed. ICON: As the runner's ICON.

Corruption  (Anti-System, STR 3, MU 2, 540eb)

This program attacks the resident memory of a cyberdeck, damaging the code of the programs within. With a successful hit, roll randomly to see which programs are affected. Programs of a STR lower than the Corruption become completely useless. Programs of a STR higher than Corruption are partially damaged and crash part of the time. Divide the Corruption STR by Program STR and multiply the result by 100 to determine the percentage of Corruption; this number is the base chance an affected program will crash each round. ICON: A rotten tomato, which splatters the runner.

Doppleganger   (Evasion, STR 5, MU 2, 400eb)

Creates 1D6 copies of the runner's trace and ICON. Similar to Lightning Bug (Rache Bartmoss, p. 148) and Replicator (CP2020, p. 138), Doppleganger's copies remain in a shifting group around the real runner until they are attacked and destroyed. Attackers must make a V. Difficult INT roll to determine which image is the real runner; programs usually randomly attack (1 in 1D6 chance the real runner is hit). Damage is subtracted from the total Doppleganger's STR until de-rezzed (so, if 3 copies are hit for 2 points each, a total of 6 points is done to the core program, and it de-rezzes). ICON: Whatever the runner's ICON is.

Eye Spy  (Detection/Alarm, STR 5, MU 7, 1020eb)

A more sophisticated version of Eyewitness, this program is difficult to trace back to its owner, can remember and track specific runners without instructions, and returns to its master regardless of his location. If detected, it activates its Evasion subroutine and runs for home. It can also be set to trace the first netrunner who passes by a given locale, or who jacks in from a predetermined location. ICON: A pair of Groucho Marx glasses (with nose and mustache) (when discovered).

Eyewitness  (Detection/Alarm, STR 4, MU 6, 800eb)

Traces another runner, recording everything he does, and returns to its owner when the tagged subject jacks out. The owner must locate the target and sic this program on him, and remain in a predetermined location within the Net when the program returns, or it will de-rezz when it gets back and finds its master missing (or when its master jacks out). A CPU will automatically fulfill this requirement as long as it is on-line. If the program is detected, it can be traced back to its owner. ICON: A flaming eyeball (when discovered).

Fastpacker  (Utility, STR 3, MU 2, 200eb)

Like File Packer, but it takes only 1 turn to unpack your programs.

Flypaper  (Anti-IC, STR 4, MU 3, 1000eb)

A less-powerful version of Straitjacket, freezing IC for 1D6 turns. Otherwise as above. ICON: A tube of flypaper, unrolled with a flourish.

Forty Winks  (Anti-Personnel, STR 4, MU 3, 6250eb)

A more powerful version of Knockout. Forty Winks knocks the runner unconscious for 1D6 hours and automatically drops him out of the Net. It also stops the runner's breathing while he is unconscious. Depending on BOD, the runner will start taking damage (as per Choking, CP2020, p.11); assume that he must make a BOD save each minute after 5 minutes have passed, with BOD dropping -1 each minute. After a save is failed, the runner takes 1D6 damage per round, and INT drops by 1 point for every minute that his brain goes without oxygen. He can be revived with CPR or other means. Any INT loss is permanent. ICON: A field of poppies blooms around the netrunner.

Hot Potato  (Anti-IC/Anti-Personnel, STR 6, MU 4, 1120eb)

Passes an anti-personnel program with a tracing function onto another netrunner. Hot Potato is used on the pursuing program. If Hot Potato is used successfully and the pursuer passes within five spaces of another runner, it mistakes the bystander's trace for the original, and attacks the bystander instead of you. ICON: Mr. Potatohead grabs the pursuing IC, and is absorbed into it after a short tussle.

ID  (Detection/Alarm, STR 3, MU 3, 300eb)

Detects the type and strength of a foreign program. ICON: The Romper Room Magic Mirror.

Presto  (Demon, STR 5, MU 3 (empty),1840eb)

Carries up to 5 programs. ICON: A magician's top hat, out of which the programs are pulled.

Straitjacket  (Anti-IC, STR 8, MU 4, 1200eb)

Freezes IC in place for 1D10 turns. The IC resumes normal operation when the effects wear off. Since the program is not de-rezzed, most sysops and systems will not notice that the IC has been frozen without running a program like Monitor (Rache Bartmoss, p. 150). ICON: A straitjacket (what else) which encloses the target IC.

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