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A long time ago, I ran an experimental two-player game, in which one player committed a series of crimes in Night City, and the second player attempted to track him down. I ran each player separately, tape-recorded the sessions, transcribed them, and used the notes to prepare for the other half of the game.

In the "robber" half of the game, Gary Astleford ran a kneecapper and sometime hit man by the name of Salvatore Scagnetti. Sal came to Night City from Chicago and joined up with the local mafiosos, thereupon embarking upon a life of crime: six murders, two accessories to murder, one kidnapping, and one body disposal.

In the "cop" half of the game, Joseph Kilcoyne ran an NCPD Homicide detective sergeant named David Nobel. Nobel and his partner, Detective Christopher Nichols, arrived on an unusual murder scene early on a Saturday morning. Little did they know this was the result of the activities of one Salvatore Scagnetti...

In the course of the game, Sal killed Nichols, but ultimately remained at large, despite some excellent detective work by Sergeant Nobel.

Transcripts of these games are now available! Sorry, only the very first game has been HTML-ized, though all are available in plain text, as well as a zipped file containing all of the plain text files available below. I haven't finished transcribing the very last cop game, so it won't be up for a while, but it's really icing on the cake.

I should probably warn you that each of these games ran about three hours and took up about thirty pages of text, so the HTML versions require at least two minutes to load. If you're impatient, go straight to the plain text. The advantage of the HTML is that words spoken by the player and GM are in plain text; words spoken by the player as the PC (i.e., in character) and by the NPCs are in bold, like this:

To give credit where credit is due, the idea for this game was inspired by Steve Lacey.

PR - I look at him and say, Shut up.
GM - Fuck you! Roll initiative.

In the plain text, it's a bit harder to tell whether the player or the PC is talking, but you'll be able to figure it out without much trouble. As I said, it's a long haul, but you might find it entertaining. It's not your typical Cyberpunk game... some might say it's not really Cyberpunk at all. You decide.

The games are presented in chronological order.

Robber Game, Session One

Salvatore Scagnetti arrives in Night City and embarks on a life of crime. Although his reception is lukewarm (well, ice-cold, actually), he contacts a local Family man and goes on his very first hit. It's a milkrun, but this game sets the stage for the games to follow.

Robber Transcript, Session One.
Plain Text Version.

Robber Game, Session Two

Sal is introduced to his fellow hitters. First impressions are very important. Moving day, and he and Michael di Castro go to make Joey Galvano sleep with the fishies.

Robber Transcript, Session Two -- Plain Text!

Cop Transcript, Session One

Detective Sergeant David Nobel's day off turns into an investigation of an unusual murder scene. Two corpses, lots of questions, and IAD is flying flags. Or are they?

Cop Transcript, Session One -- Plain Text!

Cop Transcript, Session Two

Nobel tarnishes his reputation. Is the trail getting warmer? A witness, a mysterious message, a bribe, a threat, and Nichols has an accident.

Cop Transcript, Session Two -- Plain Text!

Robber Transcript, Session Three

Connolly proves his worth. Sal goes to take care of the witness, and Nichols gets in the way.

Robber Transcript, Session Three -- Plain Text!

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