a den of sin and sensuality in Night City
by Gary Astleford
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The Temptation Strip Club made a brief appearance in a Cyberpunk 2020 game that I was running. One of the players, an ex-con who had been an exotic dancer prior to being thrown in prison, decided she wanted to get a job stripping. In return, I devised the following location. It's vague enough that it can be incorporated into any game with a minimum of meddling.

Three-star strip joint nestled between a warehouse and a run-down strip mall. Address is around S. Williams and 25th Street, a couple of blocks west of The Outer Limits. The front of the club is covered with neon, displaying ads for various types of alcohol, and another one that reads "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Jutting out from the side of the building is a hologram projector that displays its image just over the sidewalk. The image is of a voluptuous angel dressed in white, with a halo and wings. As you watch, she slowly morphs into a devil, complete with pitchfork, pointed tail, and sexy little horns, and beckons to passers-by to come in for a little while.

$10 admission fee M-Thu, $25 Fri-Sat.

Open Monday - Saturday, from 7pm to 2am.

Mid-level corporates, high-level street trash, and the occasional group of students from NCU.

The dancers get $25 euro (plus tips) per dance, and they usually dance twice a night. Some of the more in-demand dancers are paid between $50 and $75 euro per dance, but they're rare (and noted later).

Temptation NPCs

Bouncer #1 - "Curry," Thai male, black hair cut real short & brown eyes, 5'6" with athletic build. ATT 6, about 28 years old. Dresses in a spotless gray suit, and is a master in the art of kick-boxing. He's serious and likes to kick people's asses because it makes him feel superior.
Bouncer #2 - "Gable," white male, bald head and blue eyes, 6'3" and muscular. ATT 4, 27 years old. Dresses in a blue suit, an aqua-colored bow tie, and black gloves. Doesn't like to hurt people, but will stomp those he feels deserve it. Carries a small 9mm pistol in his right sock.
Bartender #1 - Jim Brooks, white male, short brown hair & blue eyes, 5'10" & average weight, ATT 7, 24 years old. Dresses in a bartender's uniform (black pants, and a black vest over a while dress shirt). A nice enough guy with a small amphetamine habit and an abusive girlfriend.
Bartender #2 - Carlos "Carl" Vasquez, Hispanic male, medium-length black hair in a pony tail & brown eyes, 6' tall and a little bit husky around the waist, ATT 6, 27 years old. Dresses in a bartender's uniform. Friendly, but pretty boring. Loves combat soccer, but would never harm a fly.
Waitress #1 - Bonnie-Sue, white female, short blond hair and blue eyes, 5'5" and skinny, ATT 7 and 23 years old. Dresses like the other waitresses (short black skirt, tight black blouse, and high heels). An airhead, she talks with a distinct Texas accent and chews lots of mint-flavored gum.
Waitress #2 - Jenny, Korean-American female, dark hair that's been bobbed and green eyes, 5'3" and average build, very pretty. ATT 8, 22 years old. A student at NCU studying economics. She's not very social, kind of a nerd.
Waitress #3 - Pauline, white female, long curly auburn hair and hazel eyes, 5'11" and average build with a big chest, ATT 8 and 25 years old. Married, but cheats on her husband when he's out of town (he's in the Navy and currently out to sea).
Waitress #4 - Claire, black female, long black hair and brown eyes, 5'6" with big hips, ATT 7 and 26 years old. She's a single mother of two boys, and she worries about them constantly. Her ex-boyfriend is in prison on narcotics charges. She's probably the friendliest waitress.
Stripper #1 - "Hailey," white female, long blond hair and artificial blue eyes, 6'1" tall and buxom with really nice legs, ATT 10, 24 years old. Hailey is a deb, but no one can tell unless they look for it. She's one of the higher-priced dancers on the payroll. She's snotty and doesn't associate with anyone.
Stripper #2 - "Samantha," white female with short red hair which glows in the dark, green eyes, 5'8" tall with an average build. ATT 9, 19 years old. Studies computer science at NCU. Has a pair of interface plugs on the back of her neck that she keeps capped. She's sweet, but always looking for a score.
Stripper #3 - "Kaylynn," - Japanese female, long black hair highlighted with blue accents, green eyes, 5'4" tall and thin. ATT 8, aged 18. High-school drop-out who's happy that she's not a prostitute. Been dancing since she was 15. She's always asking to borrow make-up and money. Her boyfriend is in the Yakuza and he often times beats her up.
Stripper #4 - "Kat," black female, light brown skin, bald but wears wigs. Ice blue artificial eyes that change colors while she dances. 6' tall, very athletic build. ATT 9, 22 years old. Environmentally conscious, vegetarian, and worried about the non-existent ozone layer. Likes to jog.
Stripper #5 - "Tina," Chinese female, with short black hair, brown eyes, 5'6" with a perfect figure and huge oversized breasts. ATT 9, 25 years old. Also a deb. She's obsessed with her tits, and still thinks they're too small.
Stripper #6 - "Cybil," white female (French), medium-length brown hair, and reflective silver eyes with no pupils. 5'8", with a nice figure and long legs. ATT 10, 19 years old. Everything except her eyes is all natural, no surgery. Also one of the higher-priced dancers, her act involves singing in a 1940's war era style, sometimes bawdy and sometimes sensual. A crowd-pleaser. She's marking the time until she can make it big in the recording industry, and she's sure she'll make it.
Stripper #7 - "Rose," white female, medium length blood-red hair, bright green eyes, 5' tall and petite. 20 years old, ATT 9. Drinks too much. A very obvious lesbian, as well as an exhibitionist.
Light & Sound Tech #1 - Wally, Australian male, short brown hair, brown eyes, 5'8" tall and skinny. He's 32 years old, with an ATT of 5. Dresses in jeans and ripped-up chromer band t-shirts, with a heavy tool belt around his waist. Wears a blue cap with a holographic eye that seems to follow people. Has a chip socket behind his right ear, interface plugs on his wrist, and his left arm is cybernetic. Always making wise cracks and jokes that no one seems to get.
Light & Sound Tech #2 - Alice, Japanese female, black hair kept in a bun, brown eyes, 5'2" and chubby, ATT 6 and 30 years old. Dresses in brown overalls that make her butt look bigger than it actually is. She has an interface plug set on her left temple which is filigreed with golden kanji characters. She's nice, but not sociable. Married to a low-level corporate exec who works at Raven Microcybernetics.
Driver - Cavendish, British male, messy brown hair and brown eyes, 5'10" and thin, ATT 7 and 24 years old. Dresses in black clothes with a black leather jacket that is accented with holograms of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and various saints. Speaks like a lower-class Brit, and drives Kicker's shipments around.
Owner/Manager - "Kicker," black male, big black afro and brown eyes, 5'9" and chunky, ATT 5 and 34 years old. CentAm war veteran, uses the club as a front for his own criminal activities. Not a very nice man if crossed, very stingy and won't pay what people think they're worth.

Employee Schedule

The following lists by number the NPCs who are on duty at any one time, depending on the day.
(Key - Bar = Bartender, Bo = Bouncer, W = Waitress, T = L&S Tech, Str = Stripper)
Monday: Bar - 1; Bo - 1; W - 1 & 2; T - 1; Str - 4, 6, 7, & 8.
Tuesday: Bar - 1; Bo - 2;W - 1 & 2; T - 1; Str - 3, 4, 5, & 8.
Wednesday: Bar - 2; Bo - 1; W - 3 & 4; T - 2; Str - 1, 2, 6, 7, & 8.
Thursday: Bar - 2; Bo - 2; W - 3 & 4; T - 2; Str - 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.
Friday: Bar - 1 & 2; Bo - 1 & 2; W - 1, 2, & 3; T - 1 & 2; Str - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, & 8.
Saturday: Bar - 1 & 2; Bo - 1 & 2; W - 1, 2, 3, & 4; T - 1 & 2; Str - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7.

Tips for Strips Chart

Roll Made By:Tips Earned Per Dance (total x2 on Fri-Sat)
1 (Bare Success)3d10 Euro
2-3 (Mild Success)1d10x5 Euro
4-5 (Success)1d10x10 Euro
6-101d10x15 Euro
11-152d10x10 Euro
16-201d10x25 Euro
21 +2d10x15 Euro

Modifiers to Dance Roll :
Att 7+1
Att 8-9+2
Att 10+3
Att 11++4
Unusual Costume+2
Minor Body Modification (Tattoos, Piercings, Chemskins)+1
Major Body Modification (Exotic Biosculpt)+2

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