a gang by Amy Luther
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The Sweethearts are a gang of bully bitches who hang in Little Italy. Leather, pheromone perfume, chain mail, buckles, cartridge belts, chains and spikes and studs and lipstick, lace and fishnet hose. Spiked collars, barbed and poisoned rings, monoknives. Ivory-handled straight razors. Butch and baby-doll leather-and-lace looks. Mostly bilingual, anglo-european, and anglo-afro-american, refusing membership to pure blacks, whites, Russians, Hispanics, and Asians, though they do maintain an uneasy truce with the Vietnamese gangs whose turf is further west, and are on almost cordial terms with the Dragons (q.v.).


Athletics +2
Awareness +3
Bilingual (English, various) +10
Dodge/Escape +2
Handgun +1
Hide/Evade +2
Intimidate +3
Melee +3
Shadow/Track +3
Streetwise +3
Tae Kwon Do +4
Wardrobe & Style +2

Tae Kwon Do bonuses are Strike/Kick +3, Block/Sweep +2, Dodge +1. Typical weapons are brass knuckles (1d6+2), straight razors (1d6-1 AP), barbed rings (1d6/2 AP + 4d6 poison, 1/2 d. with BOD save), and some handguns, usually cheap plastic 9mm (2d6+1, 2 ROF, 8 clip, UR).

Armor varies, but is generally spiked knee/elbow pads, SP 10, +2 to strike/kick damage (AP), worn with light to no armor (some leather), SP 1-4, and occasional chainmail of SP 10, torso only.

Credsticks @ 1d10 x 10 euro. Will strike at an opponent's exposed face and hands with poisoned rings, and will only attack with odds of 3-1 or better.

These ladies are great to drop on a player as an unexpected romantic harassment, or as a slap to sexist PC's, as the Sweeties cluster around a good (or bad) looking character and pester him ("Hey, baby!"). They also work as a variation on the old, "one of them is an important corporate's daughter" routine.

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