by Amy Luther
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According to SLA Industries, all of the weapons found in the SLA Industries and Karma sourcebooks are put out by "sub-companies" of the world-spanning SLA Industries corporation:

"The sub-companies in SLA all act as rivals, tendering for contracts and trying to out-perform each other. While ... heavily in competition, they are ... working, technically, for SLA."

For CP2020, GMs will probably want to break these companies into independent corporations, make up stats for them, and place them in competition with established CP2020 companies like Militech, Armalite, and Constitution Arms. To make this easier, the companies given below are stripped of their SLA references and presented as separate entities, with no ties to one another except where noted. All information given for a corporation is practically verbatim from SLA Industries, and companies with sparse entries (Kramer Production Syndicate, Klip Killer) are just as lean in the original sourcebook.


Most SLA Industries weapons are either entirely ceramic or employ a high percentage of ceramic parts in their construction. Except where otherwise noted, assume that all weapons given below are caseless. SLA's preferred caliber is 10mm, and the majority of these are straight one-for-one damage conversions using the CP2020 stats for 10mm rounds. Any of these weapons may be smartlinked; standard price increases apply.

The author does not condone use of all of these weapons in a CP2020 campaign. Hell, I think some of them are pretty overpowered. However, in the interests of neutrality, I've decided to present everything, keep the conversions as faithful to the original sourcebook as possible, and let you pick and choose what you want according to the needs of your campaign.

Entries marked with an are illustrated.


General Armaments is known for compact, inexpensive, lightweight weapons that combine ceramic barrels with standard steel frames. Their products are sound enough, with a good, robust design and long life expectancy of parts. Unfortunately, GA has had a rather checkered success rate with their products over the years, and are finding it hard to maintain their hold in the marketplace. This will soon spell the end of GA's weapons design team, unless they can work miracles or acquire funding from outside sources.

To reflect GA's decline, GMs may opt to bump prices up by 50%-100% in an effort to boost prices, or reduce them by the same amount to simulate a GA stock "blowout." ("General Armaments presents a GIANT THREE DAY SALE!")

GA47 Semi-Automatic Pistol  P -1 P 2D6+3 (10mm) 12 1/3 ST 50m 250eb

A small, inexpensive pistol from General Armaments, ideal for those who need a concealable weapon with the stopping power of a 10mm round. The ceramic barrel has a lifetime guarantee, the lightweight frame makes the GA47 easy to carry, and the low recoil makes it very easy to fire. Unfortunately, the snub barrel reduces accuracy significantly. (SLA 225)

GA50 "Finisher" Assault Rifle  RIF +1 L C 2D6+3 (10mm) 30 1/3/30 ST 400m 500eb

This small bullpup-configured rifle has the accuracy of an assault rifle combined with the concealability, caliber, and small size of a SMG. Solid carbon-fiber construction makes for great weight savings and allows for a good deal of rough handling without loss of performance. (SLA 225)


FEN weapons are famous for their reliability and high comfort factor, with full ceramic frames, compact magazines, and zero maintenance guarantees.

"When you buy a FEN product, you're buying a lifetime of trouble free, cheap service crafted by the finest technicians. Whatever you buy, an auto pistol or an assault cannon, better buy FEN."
-- FEN Catalogue ad copy
FEN-603 Auto-Pistol  P 0 J C 2D6+3 (10mm) 20 1/3/20 VR 50m 300eb

The FEN-603 is a medium autopistol that feels like a light pistol due to its full ceramic frame and barrel (which comes ready to accept a silencer, flash suppressor, and sights). Features of note include a compact box magazine, a rubberized, cushioned "easy" grip, and a zero maintenance or full refund guarantee. (SLA 225)

FEN-091 "Farjacket" 14mm Pump Pistol  P -2 J P 6D6 (14mm) 5 1 VR 25m 1500eb  

The need for a compact pistol with the knockout punch of 14mm rounds has been the concern of FEN's design team for some time now. The Farjacket is devastatingly more damaging than the Berenyi Blitzer, and the 14mm shell guarantees large amounts of tissue damage no matter what type of round is used. Full ceramic case and frame make the Farjacket's weight enough to negate the more uncomfortable aspects of its large load. The Farjacket comes ready to accept a laser sight. (Karma 32)

FEN-204 "Gunhead" SMG  SMG +1 L C 2D6+3 (10mm) 40 1/5/40 VR 200m 450eb

A squat, ugly ceramic submachinegun with the features common to the FEN line of weapons--"easy" grip, zero maintenance guarantee, compact box magazine. Comes with an integral flash suppressor or silencer, and can easily be fitted with a laser sight. (SLA 225)

FEN-AR Assault Rifle  RIF +1 N C 6D6+2 (7.62) 25 1/3/25 VR 400m 500eb

With a hard case ceramic construction and smooth full auto feed, the FEN-AR is a comfortable, rugged assault rifle. The FEN-AR is FEN's most popular product, and was originally restricted to military buyers. Military models have a VR reliability; the civilian FEN-AR has a ST rating and no maintenance guarantee, but can fit a silencer and flash suppressor. (SLA 226)

FEN-706 "Power Reaper" 2.1 HVY +2 N R 4D6+4 (12mm long) 100 5/50 VR 450m 1000eb

This is a squad support machine gun, similar in concept to the Constitution Arms Cyclone Squad Support Weapon (Protect & Serve) and the Dover GA-1112 Autogun (SOF2). It has enjoyed fantastic success for some years now, serving military clients without a flaw. It has a full ceramic barrel and is equipped with a waldo harness/gyro mount for ease of firing and storage; when not in use, it swings around and locks into an upright position on the user's back. Standard is a 100 round belt-fed ammunition bin (supplied unloaded), and the weapon can also accept 50-round clips. (SLA 226)

FEN-808 "Power Reaper" 2.4 (Long Bore)  HVY +2 N R 4D6+4 (12mm long) 100 5/50 VR 800m 4000eb  

Just in! Limited stock of special issue Long Bore Power Reapers! Previously unavailable except to military clients, the FEN-808 is identical to the FEN-706, but is a bit more accurate (and expensive!). When carrying the FEN-808 in the folded position, reduce the user's REF by -2 for the purposes of running, jumping, and anything else covered by Athletics, Melee, Martial Arts, and so forth. (Karma 32).

FEN-400 "Sure Kill" Sniper Cannon   RIF +3 N R 7D10+3 (17mm BMG) 5 1 VR 3000m 2000eb

The Sure Kill is perhaps the most powerful sniper rifle ever made. The over-long ceramic barrel allows for extremely high muzzle velocities; the weapon itself comes with laser sight, folding bipod (+1 WA at Long/Extended Range), 3000m scope and 20% recoil baffling (reduce BOD min by 20%). The Sure Kill also has a five round box magazine. The manufacturers apologize for the unavailability of larger box magazines. (SLA 226)

FEN 30-30 "True Shot" Sniper Rifle  RIF +3 N P 6D6+2 (7.62mm) 1 1 VR 900m 1100eb

The 30-30 has a full ceramic casing and barrel and comes with laser sight, flash suppressor, 1000m scope and detachable bipod (+1 WA at Long/Extended Range). It is bolt action and holds a single round; there is very little recoil, and the ceramic barrel is detachable and comes with a full zero maintenance guarantee. (SLA 226)

FEN "Tri" Sniper Platform  RIF +4 N R 6D10 (12.7mm BMG) 1 1 VR 1200m 1450eb

An innovative design from FEN, the Tri Sniper Platform comes with a powerful 2000m scope with integral IR and UV nightsight linked to a high resolution monitor targeting screen (detachable) and IR/UV laser sight with a 2000m range. Fully suppressed and silenced, the Tri is bolt action, single-shot, with a full ceramic frame and barrel. The Tri is mounted on a sturdy tripod; fine aiming is done by the computer--no hands are required, and would in fact interfere with the shot. Alternately, aiming can be accomplished (at -1 WA) with a small remote control and the monitor targeting screen. The remote is good up to 5m. The Tri cannot be removed from the tripod without dropping WA to -3! Operating the Tri manually is difficult: removing the monitor drops WA by -2. A "stripped" Tri (no scope, no monitor) operates at a WA of 0. The Tri is modular and fits in a compact carry case. (SLA 226)

FEN-93 GAG   RIF +2 N P 6D6+2 (7.62mm) 30 3/30 VR 400m 800eb

Though the GAG has all the markings of an assault rifle, it has been constructed to conform to most of the specifications of the 30-30. Carrying a 7.62mm round, it is mostly identical to the 30-30, but has the capacity for automatic fire and a larger magazine capacity. (Karma 31)


Klip Killer manufactures hold-out weapons, similar to the (in)famous Polymer One-Shot Cannon (Chromebook 2). Since Klip Killer weapons are actually designed, not slapped together like the One-Shot, they are fairly reliable.

K.K. 20 "Panther"  P 0 J E 4D6+1 (12mm) 20 2 ST 25m 200eb

For those of you who don't want the hassle of carrying a back-up pistol, the KK20 is ideal. The KK20 clips easily onto your arm, and the use of light carbon-fiber in its construction makes it extremely light, though a bit bulky. (-1 REF to actions performed with that arm). The trigger is slung under the wrist so that when your primary weapon is dropped, the trigger grip can be easily flipped into the hand, ready to fire a 12mm round. The KK requires a special modular 20 round wrap-around feed, available from KK(50eb), and can fit a laser sight, silencer or flash suppressor (-2 REF to actions performed with that arm, and raises concealability to L). (SLA 227)

K.K. 30 "Ripper"  P 0 L E 4D6+1 (12mm) 20 1/5 ST 25m 400eb

The Ripper is essentially a high-powered, automatic version of the Panther. It shares the wrist trigger system and ammunition clips of the Panther. Due to its larger size, and slightly different construction, the Ripper is unable to fit a silencer or flash suppressor. It can fit a laser sight. Wearing a Ripper will reduce REF by -2 on all actions with that arm. (SLA 227)


Berenyi Light Arms has had an unblemished track record since it first unveiled the Blitzer. Their standard of workmanship is unparalleled; Berenyi designs have an air of artistry, a look which makes these expensive handguns more of a status symbol than a weapon.

Berenyi 046M "Blitzer" Revolver  P +1 J P 4D6+1 (12mm) 6 2 VR 50m 1800eb

These unusual ceramic revolvers from Berenyi Light Arms are molded from high quality silicate and carbon-fiber composites. While most are custom-made for each buyer (individually molded grips and designs and so forth), with a little chemical preparation they are not too hard to genericize (acid-treating the grips, eating off the serial numbers, etc) and many black market versions exist. If not bought factory-direct, the cost is halved, the reliability drops to UR, and the WA drops to a minimum of -1. Blitzer orders take two weeks to fill and Berenyi provides a maintenance kit/carry case for an additional 50eb. (SLA 227)

Berenyi 446M 12mm Derringer   P -2 P P 4D6+1 (12mm) 2 2 VR 25m 400eb  

The Derringer is one of the smallest heavy handguns in production. It follows the strict production guidelines that BLA previously set on the 046 Blitzer, so quality is assured. The Derringer is a breech loaded, twin barrelled pistol that chambers two 12mm rounds. It has been designed with reinforced chambers and a single or double hammer pull to allow the firing of one or both of the rounds with a single trigger action. This is BLA's first entry into the mass-production firearms market. (Karma 30).

Berenyi 710M "Snubber"   P 0 P P 2D6+1 (9mm) 14 1/2 VR 50m 150eb  

The BLA Snubber is a petite autopistol; it is easy to maintain, easy to fire, lighter and cheaper than the FEN-603 (which it was designed to compete with). (Karma 31)

Berenyi 646M "Buzzsaw" SMG nbsp; SMG +1 N C 2D6+1 (9mm) 180 40 VR 100m 800eb  

With the introduction of more and more semi and fully automatic weapons into an already flooded market, Berenyi has created the 646 Buzzsaw in an effort to step ahead of the pack. Note that though the weapon resembles a tiny minigun, it is in fact an SMG with an integral drum magazine and will accept no other type without a bit of tinkering (Average Weaponsmith roll, changes concealibility to L). (Karma 30)


Another company with just one product. Kramer has had a great deal of success with the Mangler, so look for more interesting designs from this up-and-comer.

KPS "Mangler" Auto-Shotgun   SHG -1 N P 4D6 (10 gauge) 40 15 ST 50m 900eb

This is a high-power, closed bolt, gas-operated, belt-fed automatic shotgun from the Kramer Production Syndicate. It has a full ceramic frame composition and can fire up to 300 rounds per minute (sustained fire).


Rules the world and manufactures high-quality weapons, too. What fun!

SLA Industries 10-10 "Bully Boy"  SHG 0 N P 4D6 (10 gauge) 20 5 VR 50m 600eb

The 10-10 Bully Boy is a snub-nose, gas-operated, bullpup configured, close assault autoshotgun. For an autoshotgun, it has a relatively low rate of fire, but its reliability is unmatched. It can use 10 gauge or solid slug ammunition in a 10 round box magazine, and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the full weapon system.


Consolidated Arms makes lightweight, light caliber, mass-production alloy firearms for the home and personal defense market. A gun for everyone from Granny to little Mary Sue. Rugged, cheap, easy to clean, not terribly accurate, and ubiquitous. All are 5mm.

Consolidated Arms Cold Cast Pistol   P -1 P C 1D6 (5mm) 8 2 VR 50m 50eb
Consolidated Arms "Eagle" SMG  SMG -2 J C 1D6 (5mm) 30 1/30 VR 150m 100eb


Dynamic Precision Blades manufactures a variety of modern powered melee weapons.

Dynamic Chain Axe  MEL -2 N P 4D6 n/a n/a ST 2m 200eb

No frills. The Chain Axe is a brutal weapon that will rip flesh, bone, and armor with gruesome ease. Easy maintenance, 5000 hour power pack, light ceramic frame and steel cutting teeth. Picture a cross between a chainsaw and a pole arm, and you have some idea of what kind of weapon this is.

Dynamic VibroSabre  MEL 0 N P 4D6 n/a n/a ST 1m 400eb

While not a monoweapon, the VibroSabre has a blade constructed from a durable silicon and carbon fiber compound, and is well equipped to match the high standards demanded by those accustomed to monoknives. Quality, hand-crafted hilt and scabbard. Estimated power pack life is 5000 hours.

Dynamic Gash Fist  MEL 0 P P 3D6/2D6/2D6 n/a n/a ST 1m 800eb

This powered gauntlet resembles the SPM-1 Battleglove in concept, but differs slightly in execution. It does 3D6 crushing damage, 2D6 punch damage, and 2D6 AP damage from the pair of retractable blades on the wrist and back of the hand. It has no room for cyberarm options.


Ian Thomas Bradley is famous for non-powered, high-quality ceramic and monoblade "reproductions" of ancient melee weapons.

ITB Flick Scythe  MEL +1 N P 4D6 n/a n/a ST 2m 500eb

An extremely powerful pole arm with a tough silica-ceramic blade, the Flick Scythe is excellent for keeping your opponents out of arm's reach while ripping them apart. The blade and haft fold down to a compact 12" carrying rod (takes 2 rounds to fully open for combat).

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