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ITB Laser Sharpener   (100eb)

From Ian Thomas Bradley comes this unique item for re-edging monofilament blades. While monoblades and ceramic edges will usually retain their edges throughout the lifetime of the weapon, there are unhappy occasions when the blade picks up a significant chip or nick. Since crystalline weapons do not react well to conventional sharpening techniques, ITB has developed the Laser Sharpener. Shaped like a conventional knife block, the ITB Sharpener contains a high-powered microlaser which will re-edge any monoblade in under a minute. Hand-held versions of the Sharpener are available at the same price and can be used to re-edge swords, katanas, and other melee weapons. (SLA 238)

MagHold  (price varies)

The MagHold is a pair of thin plates, connected to a tiny power pack, which adhere to any surface, typically the outside of a piece of armor. Simply sandwich the surface between the MagHold plates, and integral magnets will hold them in place. When a piece of equipment or a metal weapon is brought into contact with the outside plate, a pressure sensor activates a second, powerful electromagnet, attaching the item to the plate. The MagHold has been developed for use in place of knife sheaths (steel and alloy knives only, 20eb), tool belts (25eb), pistol holsters (non-ceramic models only, (50eb), and ammunition belts (cased steel alloy only, 50eb). (SLA 243)

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