The World's Finest Paintball Accessories, Without Comparison, Since 2011 AD
by Gary Astleford
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Survival Games, Inc. has manufactured paintball weapons and equipment since 2011, and is known as one of the finest producers in the world. While paintball weapons may be thought no better than expensive toys to some street trash, SGI considers them to be serious ordinance. Following is a brief overview of some of SGI's most popular and innovative models.

SGI "Doppelganger" Paintball Pistol  (.68 Paintballs, 7 Ounce Air Cartridge)

P -1  J C Paint/Drugs 20 2 UR 40m. 150eb

The "Doppelganger" is an unlicensed production copy of the Nelspot Wombat, with only a few slight changes in internal structure and materials composition, not to mention that fact that it's 50eb cheaper. The Doppelganger, unlike the gaudy and colorful Wombat, is made from non reflective black composite plastics. Most "paintballers" consider the Doppelganger a beginner's weapon.

SGI "Wraith" Paintball Pistol  (.68 Paintballs, Two 7 Ounce Air Cartridges)

P +0 J C Paint/Drugs 20 2/3 ST 50m. 325eb

SGI's "Wraith" is a sleek, black weapon designed for ease of use. It has excellent range for a paintball weapon, comparable to most modern handguns. Paintballs fired from the Wraith have been known to leave painful welts if the proper equipment isn't worn. As an added bonus, the Wraith's composite shell is equipped with thermal baffling to hide its dual compressed air cartridges, when, if discharged, create a burst of extreme cold which can be detected in other weapons of the same type. The "3" rate of fire reflects the possible addition of SGI's "speedfire" system, which allows the weapon to fire three- round bursts (add 75eb to the weapon's base price).

SGI "Bansidhe" Paintball Machine Pistol  (.68 Paintballs, 10 Ounce Air Cartridge)

SMG -1 J C Paint/Drugs 30 3/10 ST 30m. 425eb

This small, squat weapon reminds most people of an Ingram M-11 in form. It is equipped with a paintball gravity feed which lies flush with the weapon's top surface, creating a very low profile. The gun's exceptionally short barrel causes an incredible loss of accuracy, which doesn't matter much when you're firing the thing on full automatic.

SGI "Geist" Paintball Assault Weapon  (.68 Paintballs, Two 10 Ounce Air Cartridges)

RIF +1 N C Paint/Drugs 50 1/3/20 ST 75m. 550eb

The "Geist" is a true paintball assault weapon, in every sense of the word. It is designed with the serious paintballer in mind. The large gravity feed (which lies flush with the top of the weapon, much like the "Bansidhe's") is configured in a bullpup orientation. The weapon's gas canisters are fitted below the barrel and act as a forward grip. The weapon is equipped with a x4 hunting scope, but iron sights are also provided.

SGI "Manitou" Multi-Paintball Scattergun  (SGI 2" Multi-Paintball, 7 Ounce Air Cartridge)

SHT +0 L C Paint/Drugs 5 2 ST 40m. 400eb

The maniacs at SGI have gone and done it again! The "Manitou" is the first compressed-air scattergun, designed in much the same form as the standard police riot pump-action. Specially designed ammunition, cased in short (2") plastic tubes, is used. Each "Multi-Paintball" round holds 8 pea-sized paintballs. Effects are similar to a shotgun blast. Compressed air canisters are installed in the stock.

SGI "Will o' Wisp" Paintball Sniper System  (.68 Paintballs, 10 Ounce Air Cartridge)

RIF +3 N C Paint/Drugs 1 1ST 150m. 600eb

Another first from the geniuses at SGI - a paintball sniper system. This single-shot paintball rifle is equipped with a rifled barrel, a x8 sniper scope, uses specially made paintball rounds (2x normal cost), and has the longest range of any commercial paintball weapon. The weapon is made from the same thermal baffling plastics as it's cousin, the "Wraith." However, its long range means it sucks twice as much charge from any compatible compressed air cartridge. A small price to pay for its uncanny accuracy.

SGI "Barghest" Squad Automatic Paintball Gun  (.68 Paintballs, Five 12 Ounce Air Cartridges)

RIF -1 N C Paint/Drugs 150 15 ST 75m. 750eb

This monster is truly original in design. With the highest ammo capacity of any other paintball weapon, and an unbelievable rate of fire, SGI markets it as the one and only "squad automatic" of paintball guns. The "Barghest" is powered by five 12 ounce compressed air bottles, and feeds from an incredible 150 round gravity clip. Equipped with iron sights and a bipod (+1 to accuracy when prone).

Extra Clips -

Prices - 20 Round Capacity : 5eb; 30 Round Capacity : 7eb; 50 Round Capacity : 10eb; 150 Round Capacity : 25eb. Never run out of ammo again! These paintball clips, made from a special composite plastic, are nearly impossible to break (SP10). Most are adaptable to any SGI weapon, except for the 150 round clip, which is designed for use only with the "Barghest" SAP.

Extra Air Cartridges -

Prices - 7 Ounce (@ 21 shots) : 2eb each; 10 Ounce (@ 30 shots) : 3eb each; 12 Ounce (@ 36 shots) : 4eb each. Highest quality compressed air cartridges money can buy.

.68 Caliber Paint Pellets -

Prices - 20 Round Tube .68 Standard : 2eb; 20 Round Tube .68 Sniper : 4eb; 10 rds 2" Multi Paintball : 4eb. The finest paint pellets, made in orbital workshacks for perfect sphere shape and amazing accuracy. Available in red, orange, yellow, neon green, and hot pink.

Loading Tubes -

Price - 100 Round Capacity : 12eb. These black plastic loading tubes can be used to store up to 100 paintballs. Simply removed the cap and pour your paintballs into the desired clip or magazine.

SGI Paintball Weapon Cleaning Kit -

Price - 50eb. This kit has everything the serious paintballer needs to keep his weapons in top function.

SGI "Poltergeist" Paint Grenade -

Price - 10eb. Upon detonation, the "Poltergeist" will burst, marking a twenty foot diameter area with thick, sticky paint. The paint is biodegradable, non-staining, and can easily be washed off of skin with soap and warm water. Each grenade weighs about ten ounces. Available in red, orange, yellow, neon green, and hot pink.

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