Because Everyone is Entitled to the Happiness of Pursuit
by Gary Astleford
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Services Offered -

Manufacturer of survival equipment and recreational paramilitary hardware; hunting expedition chartering; paintball course rentals; hunting and camping supplies.

Headquarters:Austin, Texas Free State
Regional Offices:Olympia, Washington; Salem, Oregon; Sacramento, NoCA; Night City, NoCA; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Salt Lake City, Utah; Flagstaff, Arizona; Amarillo, Texas; Beaumont, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Grand Forks, North Dakota; Rapid City, South Dakota; Grand Junction, Colorado; Witchita, Kansas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Knoxville, Tennessee; Augusta, Maine; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Orlando, Florida.
Total Employees:1400 (includes executives, sales representatives, engineers, guides, and charter pilots)
Covert Operatives:15.


Survival Games, Inc. was founded in 2011 in order to provide the thrill-seeking public a non-lethal alternative to fighting in the streets. Originally a paintball course franchise, the corporation's success allowed it to expand into manufacturing original paintball weapon designs. After several successful years, SGI merged with Northwest Pines, a chartering service for wild game hunters located in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The resulting business influenced SGI to begin manufacturing hunting and outdoor survival supplies. By 2018, it stood as one of the most prestigious corporations in the North American survival industry.

Public Relations

By supplying the public with high quality services and equipment at reasonable prices, SGI has brought itself to light as an honest company with a good work ethic. All items sold are warranted for a year after the day of purchase and are guaranteed to be free of defects. SGI employees are always helpful, informed, and polite. SGI spends a great deal of money on advertising their services. Most commercials are aimed towards people who are between eighteen and thirty years of age. They are also a sponsor of several national and international shooting competitions.

Security & Black Ops

While SGI is a large producer of quality equipment (including several large-caliber shoulder arms), they are not an especially violent or aggressive company. This is not to say, however, that they are incapable of defending their assets. Each corporate office is staffed by a group of well-trained security personnel armed with Militech weapons and armor.

The most dangerous of SGI's forces, however, is a unit called Jed-One (after Jedediah Smith, a famous American frontiersman). Jed-One is composed of between ten and twenty-five personnel, all trained in the arts of both lethal and non-lethal combat. They can usually be mobilized and deployed anywhere within the United States in a matter of hours.

For the most part, Jed-One is used as a security detachment with SGI's "Manhunt" project. "Manhunt" is a secret, little-known project which takes undesirables from around the world, blocks their memories, and then uses them as human quarry for SGI patrons interested in killing their fellow man. For the customer, "Manhunt" is an expensive service. The client is usually given his choice of targets, and can choose any location for the hunt to take place. Locations outside of North America can increase the price dramatically. Jed-One assumes the responsibility of retrieving the quarry if the client is unsuccessful in tracking them down.

Corporate Relations

Being a strictly American company, SGI has very little personal interaction with European and Asian corporations. They have, at present, no outstanding enemies in the corporate community. They do, however, have several open contracts with Militech Arms, the Lazarus Military Group, and Microtech.


  • Caribou Range (custom hunting rifles)
  • F. Y. Cambridge & Company (taxidermists)
  • Northwest Pines (chartering services)
  • Fer De Lance Recreations (low-end paintball equipment manufacturer)
  • Tazer Tag Rinks (Tazer Tag courses with pizza-party restaurants)
  • Virtually There! (virtual reality gaming arcades)

    Be sure to check out SGI's line of Paintball Guns.

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