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Santiago Morales was an interesting attempt of mine as a weefle player in a game I was not quite prepared for. Santiago is a native of Panama City, part of the Coke Madness game, one of the forgotten. He was a replacement for Ryan Gross, who prematurely got greased by Gilbert (EVIL!!!!!), and it kept me in the game, even in a minor aspect. He didn't do all that much throughout the game, mainly directed the party, told them how to get to the local fish markets, detered fire and large cyberhounds, tested electric fences (don't ask, I was trying to get away from the cyberhound), nodded and smiled a lot. I was a little overwhelmed when this game started, and it showed, but he brought up a couple of interesting ideas that you might want to think about.

Santiago was a pickpocket, an Oliver Twist-type guy who knew the underbelly of Panama City and guided the rest of the PC's through the "criminal" side of town. A Hispanic guy, about 16, who grew up on the streets and now worked for Panama Jack, who the rest of the PC's were currently employed by. Lean, good-looking. He had great personal hygiene and took care of his body. A snappy dresser. Very polite.

Pickpocketing Tricks (some advice given to me by Mockery)

You might be scum, but the less you LOOK like it, the more likely you are to be allowed into places where you can make a lot of money. Think about it--if you look like street trash, tourists are going to stay away from you. That means no tourist wallets. Also, you won't be let inside any of the snappy hotels, good restaurants, expensive stores... all the places where you could lift the most stuff. If you go into the Broadway looking like crap, the security guards are going to be all over you. BUT, if you look like you have money, dress with style, and stay clean, the clerks will lick your boots and the tourists will trust you.

Never verbally cut anybody down. If anybody insults you, SMILE, and smile SINCERELY, like they're COMPLIMENTING you. If you can, complement them after they insult you. It makes them look stupid and small-minded and makes you look like a forgiving, calm guy.

"You fucking spic! Get out of my face!"
"It's always a pleasure to take your advice."
   With a huge, SINCERE smile.

Kick ass with a knife and as fast as a mongoose.

MINOR cyberware. Eyes with infrared or thermo, maybe ears with enhanced hearing.

You don't like guns. If you get into a situation where a gun is needed, GET OUT. Guns kill people, and you don't want to die. Plus, when guns are fired, the federales and the Panama fuzz tend to sniff around, and you don't want that.

You don't hang onto stolen goods for more than five hours. This is a RULE. You want it sold as quick as you can. Preferably, you try to get rid of it as soon as you steal it, and you prefer to steal MONEY whenever possible.

Offer to help people as much as you can. Hold doors open for people. Pull chairs out. Ask if you can help carry things. If someone trips, help them up. This makes them like you and gets you close to their wallets, purses, etc.

A tip for picking pockets - Do it in large crowds. Also, a good tactic is to knock somebody over, then grab their wallet while you're helping them up. Or go down with them in a heap. When you get up, APOLOGIZE profusely. Seem really, really SORRY. If they're holding a lot of stuff and it goes everywhere, help them pick it up (and make off with any small stuff while you're at it).

Some more to think about.

Compulsive kleptomaniacs can be very fun things, but think of the disadvantages. If a PC of yours wants to run a character with something outragous (i.e. Game Weasel) make 'em play it. You see, not only did I go on my own little stealing sprees and petty little dishonesty, but I was also stealing without my knowledge. Because I was a COMPULSIVE klepto the GM would make 5 or 6 rolls discreetly for my pick-pocketing. I'd come home with odds and ends that I'd never noticed before... like another PC's wallet. Now, that wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that we had just left a firefight in which the other PC had been shot. I came home, sat on the couch, emptied my pockets and took out all of his medical insurance and records. Boy, did I hear about that afterwards.

Here he is, my little tourguide.


Athletics +3
Awareness/Notice +4
Brawling +3
Dodge & Escape +3
Education +2
English +10
Handgun +2
Hide/Evade +2
Human Perception +3
Melee +4
Personal Grooming +2
Pick Locks +3
Pick Pockets +8
Spanish +10
Streetwise +5
Wardrobe & Style +1

Kleptomaniac -6, Bilingual Background +5

CYBERWARE - Neuralware Processor
Sandevistan Speedware
Chipware Socket

-A decent sized butterfly knife.
-Lots of nice, proper clothes that'd you like to see a guy your daughter brought home in.
-Light Armor Jacket (SP14)
-Lockpicks galore
-30 or 40 wallets, filled with ID from just about any type of tourist you can think of, various passports, credit cards, pictures, medical records, ect.


I'd like to think that Santiago is living happily in Venezuela somewhere right now. Santiago didn't get to flee to the U.K. with everybody else, and after Gilbert resurfaced he did the next best thing, ran the hell away. He's probably still up to no good.

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