Mafia Enforcer (and sometime hit man) 
a character by Gary Astleford
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Sal started life as the third son of a local mobster. His father helped the mob run the local rackets. While childhood wasn't filled with much love, Sal never wanted for anything. During his school years he was a bully, and his brothers and he extorted money from other children. While he was never actually caught, his brothers often were, and his father punished them all.

When he was old enough, he found work loading produce for a vegetable company that the mafia used as a front. Most of the time he loaded cabbage and tomatoes, but once in a while the cargo was less than legal. A year later, his father died, the victim of a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting. The "Family" came to the rescue, supporting Sal's mother and granting Sal and his brothers more permanent jobs as soldiers and enforcers.

Sal had a flair for the human side of the business, and getting what he wanted from shop owners and welching gamblers was easy for him. He moved up in the business fast, in the end gaining some degree of responsibility over a crew of collectors in his old neighborhood. It was during one such collection that he was shot and nearly killed by a group of Cuban mobsters who were moving in on his operation.

The mob took care of him, though.

Recently, a rival faction of the Chicago mob sparked open conflict with Sal's boss. Unprepared for the speed and deadly efficiency of his opponent, Sal's boss lost his holdings within the city. This struggle, which lasted several weeks, ended quite suddenly with Sal on the run, heading west. His three brothers had all been killed, and he had no one else to report to. Not wishing to surrender, and unwilling to risk capture, his only hope was to reach one of the west coast syndicates and find a niche to fill there.

[Mockery's Note : For those of you with a strong stomach, Gary has written "Rat's Tongue in Garlic Sauce," a tale from Sal's past. It's nasty. Don't say I didn't warn you.]


Sal is quiet, serious, and businesslike. He seldom jokes, and when he does, it's with a straight face. In Chicago, he was used to being respected and feared. In Night City, he is out of his element. He knows he'll have to start all over in order to rise up in the ranks again. He has an incredibly short temper. He tends to give ample warning if he's irritated (which occurs easily), but sometimes he lashes out blindly if provoked.

As for friendships, Sal never had many close ones. Most people found him to be too intimidating to get close to. This, of course, made an impact on his love life. While not unattractive, he has trouble making any sort of commitment and this, paired with his temper and intimidating nature, drives women away. Still, for all the bad things that surround him, he's really a nice guy, as long as you stay on his good side and try not to piss him off.


Sal is a large man, well-muscled, standing just over six feet tall. His black hair is short in a "crew cut" style, and his blue eyes peer out from beneath bushy eyebrows. Sal's facial features are distinctly Sicilian, and his voice is affected by a strong, east-coast inflection. His teeth are white and a little crooked. The right side of his upper torso is terribly scarred, the result of a close encounter with a shotgun during a street fight when he was younger.

The first thing one might notice about his dress is the heavy black wool trench coat he wears, which is actually lined with kevlar. Below this he generally adorns himself with somber suits and ties. A simple gold stud earring decorates his left ear. Otherwise, he wears no jewelry. Most of the time, he wears a black, fedora-style hat and dark "Wayfarer" sunglasses to disguise his features, and thin black calf-skin gloves.


As one might expect, Sal is proficient with a number of weapons. He prefers to use his trusty submachine gun, a smart-linked Beretta M-24, whenever he's on the job. The weapon is usually loaded with dual purpose ammunition, and is equipped with a silencer. If off-duty, or wandering around town, he carries a .454 Federated Arms Super Chief in a large nylon shoulder holster. He likes the large pistol for its intimidation value, and his use of it earned him the nickname "Cowboy" in his native Chicago. Besides the firearms, Sal has never had much use for any other weapons besides his hands, which are equipped with "big knucks." He is a brawler, never caring much for the martial arts.

Chevy/Nissan Tempest

Crew: 1
Passengers: 1
Top Speed: 130 mph
Acc/Dec: 25mph/40mph
Maneuver: +0
SP: 0
SDP: 24
Range: 300 mi
Mass: 1920 lbs
Cargo: .7 Spaces (@227.5 kg)
Type: Car
Options: Crash Control Systems (x2), Civillian Environmental Control, "Shocker" Alarm System, Entertainment System.
Cost: 13,100eb
Capsule: The Geo Storm of the future, with sleek lines and unprecedented affordability.


Salvatore "Sal" Scagnetti

Age : 24
Ht : 6'
Wt. : 195 lbs
Hair : Black
Eyes : Blue
Ethnicity : Italian/American
Intimidate +6
Streetwise +4
Persuasion/Fast Talk +4
Awareness/Notice +5
English +10
Italian +10
Shadow/Track +3
Athletics +2
Brawling +5
Driving +4
Handgun +4
Melee +5
Motorcycle +2
Rifle +2
Stealth +4
Submachinegun +5
Cyberware -Skinwatch (1), Neuralware Processor (2), Kerenzekov Boost +2 (3), Smartgun Link (2), Interface Plugs (4), Rt. Hand Big Knucks (5), Lt. Hand Big Knucks (6), Rt Cybereye (1) w/Targeting Scope (2) and Low Lite (.5), Lt. Cybereye (5) w/Targeting Scope (2) and Low Lite (.5). Total HC = 34 pts.
Advantages -Bi-Lingual Background (5)
Combat Reflexes +1 (2)
Disadvantages -Bad Temper (-3)
Enemy : East Coast Syndicate (-2)
Unmistakable Feature : Scar on Torso - Shotgun (-2)

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