by Gary Astleford
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Programs to a Netrunner are like spells to a wizard. In the hands of a capable hacker, these programs become an arsenal of weapons and defenses, activated with the slightest thought. Below are several programs I have created in order to add color and flavor to punching deck.

Angel Of Death  (Anti-Personnel/Anti-Program, STR 6, MU 11, 15750eb)

Angel Of Death was originally designed by Jake Katskill at the request of a religious organization calling itself "Trinity". Since then, the program has found itself in the hands of high-ranking corporations and a few fixers here and there. Basically, Angel Of Death (or A.O.D., as it's called) is a hybrid version of Hellhound, crafted into one of the most deadly and destructive programs ever. It can deliver 2D10 of wound damage to a netrunner through a modulated heart pulse. It also tracks, waits for, and unmercifully hunts the victim down until the victim is destroyed, or it is. In addition to its inbred Hellhound qualities, the Angel Of Death can destroy other programs as well. This, along with its anti-personel abilities, makes it a force to be reckoned with. ICON: An angel, dressed entirely in white, with a large bastard sword in its hands. The angel's eyes are completely white and lifeless. It calls the netrunner's name and attacks with the sword.

Bushmaster  (Anti-System, STR 5, MU 6, 840eb)

When run outside of a system, all a netrunner need do is point, and the Bushmaster will attack. This program works on both systems and decks (subtract 2 from its strength against decks). The program is very persistent, running independently until either it or the system is destroyed. If successful, the crashed system is offline for 1D6+2 turns and loses 1D6 ransom programs (they have been erased). ICON: A long, silver snake with gold blotches along its back in a regular pattern. The ICON injects the system with its fangs.

Clone  (Utility/Anti-Program, STR 7, MU 6, 1600eb)

Clone is a rare and powerful copy utility designed to replicate programs that have been copy protected, such as Anti-Personnel and Anti-ICE software. Its anti-program subroutines disassemble the target program's code at the deepest level, while the copy utility subroutine copies every piece bit by bit. While this takes some time (about five minutes per point of target's MU), if successful (roll lower than Clone's STR on 1D10) it effectively replicates the target program, making a perfect copy. The "cloned" copy is still copy-protected, retains all original serial numbers, etc. In the case that the use of Clone fails, the target's copy protection takes effect. Note that there must be enough blank MU present to accommodate the cloned copy. ICON: If used in the 'Net, the target's icon begins to split into two identical icons, a process similar to cell division.

Facelift  (Utility, STR 8, MU 1, 180eb)

Facelift is a program for use with the Real People series. In effect, this program makes it possible to "rewrite" the looks and personalities of the twelve Real People versions. This makes for an unlimited number of beings in a virtual, and is a must have for any fan of the Real People programs.

Hawkeye  (Utility, STR 5, MU2, 360eb)

Hawkeye is a trace program designed to track down a specific netrunner's signal. The netrunner need only be active in the 'Net and less than five spaces away (using the World Net Map, page 136 of Cyberpunk 2020) to work. The program is able to move around freely in the 'Net, and has limited memory and recognition functions (it can only recognize one specific netrunner, and must be tuned to his signal). Once activated, the program will not stop searching until it has traced the 'runner in question, been destroyed, or called back by its user. ICON: A large, chrome hawk with golden eyes.

Mephistopheles  (Demon, STR 5 [holds 5 programs], MU 6, 1500eb)

A sophisticated demon, Mephistopheles manifests as a tall, blue-black humanoid with handsome, if diabolical, features. It has huge muscles, and its scales are sooty black. The program's wings are deep blue, as are its horns and talons, and the eyes are pale blue with red irises and pupils. Its normal speech is like a whispering wind.

Real People v1.0 through v1.12  (Utility, STR 4, MU 5, 350eb)

Real People is a program for use with virtual realities. Instead of creating your own virtual inhabitants, Real People supplies them for you. The program comes in 12 variants, including six males and six females. The program(s) can recognize different people, and can remember past events that have occured in the virtual. They can speak, and each has an intelligence of 6. Each version must be bought seperately, with the exception of "The People Pack", which contains all twelve personalities for only 4000eb. ICON: You pick. There are twelve total icons, all of which are different in one way or another.

Spew  (Anti-Personnel, STR 3, MU 3, 6250 eb)

Spew is a specialized anti-personnel program that doesn't kill its victim. Well, not directly. Instead, it reaches into the victim's nervous system and initiates his gag reflex (the software equivalent of sticking your finger down someone's throat). This causes the victim's realspace body to vomit convulsively. If the victim is sitting up in front of his deck (or other important equipment), he will be sick all over said equipment (which may require cleaning or be ruined outright). If the victim's body is reclining or laying down, this will cause immediate choking, as he begins to drown in his own puke (refer to your own rules for asphyxiation, or those for choking in CP2020). If the victim jacks out (or uses a flip switch option), he can clear out his respiratory tract. Feelings of nausea will continue for 1D6x10 minutes. ICON: A green, iridescent mist that surrounds the netrunner's icon, with long tendril-like fingers that reach down his icon's throat (if one is present).

Re-Rezz II  (Utility, STR 5, MU 1, 150eb)

A more powerful version of Re-Rezz.

Spraypaint  (Utility, STR 5, MU 2, 160eb)

A popular program among netrunning vandals and cyberspace gang members. If successful, the program alters the colors of a surface in the net, allowing the user to write whatever he wants in any color. ICON: A large, cartoonish aerosol can that rattles if shaken. Big letters on the side spell out "KRYLON".

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