by Gary Astleford
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"Poly Cote" is a thin, resinous coating that is very much like the screen of a television. Most automobile dealerships are beginning to use it instead of the standard paint job associated with sports cars and luxury sedans.

The first layer of Poly Cote is a thin membrane of electronic "cells" that are actually pixels. Next, a protective laquer is brushed over the areas, sealing the Poly Cote itself from hazards such as water, mud, etc.

Poly Cote's natural color is dull grey, just like a television screen. However, when enhanced with a small chip reader, any color imaginable can be installed. Typical chips carry up to five colors, or two "designs", which can be altered by the pressing of a button on the dashboard.

Designs are programs that use Poly Cote as a high resolution monitor for computer graphics and animation. For example, police forces in Europe, especially France, are utilizing Poly Cote's "Design" aspect for all its worth on their undercover cars. With the push of a button, a police officer can change his maroon station wagon into a billboard that flashes "POLICE" on all angles, with alternating shades of red and blue thrown in for the eye-catching effect. If a siren is added, the set-up is complete.

The top coating, in addition to protecting the pixels themselves, stops glare and enhances reflective colors. It is certain that Poly Cote will have an astounding effect on the auto industry, and of course, it will become a prominent fashion statement.

Poly Cote  (1200eb, includes chip reader and lacquer)

Chips are 100eb each, and include five colors, or two "designs"*. Typical chips include "Sport Colors," with Gloss Red, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Gloss Gold, and Chrome; and "Combat Colors," with Flat Black, Flat White, Naval Grey, Urban Camoflage, and Woodland Camoflage.

* - Prices for designs depend on the complexity of the program involved, ie : x2 for medium complexity, x3 for high complexity, etc.

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