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These drugs are taken from Atlas Games' Over the Edge. I have converted them to CP2020 format using Ocelot's Drug Lab, but that document is not necessary to use these drugs in your game, as I've provided complete descriptions of all the drug effects. If you don't use or don't agree with Ocelot's Drug Lab, you may want to increase the cost or modify the difficulty for each individual drug, depending on general drug availability and the tech level of your campaign.

Blue Shock  (STR 3, 180eb/dose)

A drippy blue liquid mixed through with darker, denser globules, Blue Shock is ingested like cough syrup. A tablespoon of Blue Shock immediately awakens every single nerve ending in the body in an electric wave of intense agony. The body is then exceptionally awake and elert for some time afterwards, but users have a very low tolerance for additional pain. It is used as a stimulant, as a sex aid in S&M circles, and as an adjunct to specialized art. There have been rumors that Blue Shock affects the user's body chemistry in such a way as to cause spontaneous combustion in a small percentage of users. Long-term use deadens nerve endings, leading to neural disorders and brain damage. Game Notes : Blue Shock takes effect in 1D10 minutes, and adds +3 to Awareness checks and Endurance for 1D6 x 10 minutes. Stun/Shock saves are at -2, and Resist Torture/Drug rolls are at -4 due to a low pain tolerance. Each use, users must make an unmodified Death save or die (mostly through extremely high fever, though sometimes through spontaneous combusion!). It causes nerve degeneration, and users also lose -2 REF every time they take it.

Enhanced Perception (15) + Increased Endurance (10) + Death (through high fever or spontaneous combustion, -15) + Nerve Degeneration (-15) + Increased Pain Sensitivity (-6) + STR 3 = -8 Diff, reversed to 8 Diff. Times 2 for Medium Duration is 16, times 1.5 for Liquid form is 24. It is Type B Illegal, so 24 times 7.5 euro gives us a total cost of 180eb/dose.

Communion  (STR 1, 120eb/dose)

A bitter powder usually dissolved in heavily-sugared tea and drink, Communion causes users to experience a completely satisfying spiritual experience, perceived as a blissful union with their deity. A vision encompassing all five senses sweeps users away, and usually result in an affirmation of faith and a belief that they have been given a specific task or message from God. Communion is not physically addictive, but many users become compulsively lost in a life devoted to acquisition of the scarce stuff. Game Notes : Communion takes effect in 1D2 minutes, and the experience lasts 1D6 x 10 minutes, though the delusion of a task from God will generally persist for days. It is Highly Psychologically Addictive, with an Addiction Number of 2 (roll above 2 every use or become addicted). If addicted, cravings appear in 1D6 hours, and if not satisfied, withdrawal symptoms become apparent 5D6 hours afterward.

Euphoric (5) + Hallucinogen (10) + Delusions (delayed, of a task from God, -5) + Delusions (immediate, of communion with God, -5) + STR 1 + Highly Psychologically Addictive (-12) = -6 Diff, reversed to 6. Times 2 for Medium Duration is 12, times 1 for Powdered form is 12. Type A Illegal, so 12 times 10 euro gives us a total cost of 120eb.

MDA-Cubed  (STR 4, 750eb)

This bitter pink-white pill embossed with a pink or red heart gives with it the guarantee of the ultimate orgasm. As the effects of the drug begin, the user begins to feel a oneness for all things, an overwhelming love for the universe, a rejection of conventional sexual mores, and an incredibly potent desire to blissfully copulate with the nearest object. Users are known to have had sex with people outside their sexual orientation, with people they hate, with family membors, minors, house pets, reptiles, and electrical appliances. The downside of this drug in terms of social control is obvious, but there is a personal downside as well: subsequent use is never as good as the first time. Each time, the sex becomes more squalid, pathetic, and pitiful. For most people, the ingestion of MDA-Cubed is the beginning of a downward spiral into obsession, depression, and suicide. It is extraordinarily cheap to manufacture, but its rarity generally ensures that the cost is mutiplied by 50 to 100 times.

Euphoric (5) + Aphrodesiac (10) + Delusion (immediate, in love with the world, -5) + STR 4 + Depression (-4, delayed) + Reduced COOL (immediate, -5) + Loss of Inhibition (immediate, -4) = 1 Diff. Times 3 for Long Duration is 3, times .5 for Tablet form is 1.5. Type A Illegal (considering what it does, are you surprised?) multiplies it by 10, so cost per dose is 15eb/dose.

Relapse  (STR 1, price varies)

A drug for the risk-taker, the gambler, and the self-destructive, Relapse is a carrier for any other type of drug. It comes pre-mixed with another drug (heroin, MDA-Cubed, cocaine, Alice, etc) in colorful, crunchy, candy-coated capsules. Pop one, feel the sour aftertaste, and then nothing ... until the chemical trigger inside Relapse goes off, anywhere from hours to days after ingestion. The user might be struck with the carried drug while in a board meeting, making love, operating dangerous equipment, in the middle of combat, or anywhere! Game Notes: Being a special case, Relapse is not constructed with normal drug rules. It causes a delayed onset of any other drug packaged with the Relapse at the time of ingestion. When rolling for delay time, roll 1D10 for the number of hours the second drug will be delayed. If a 10 is rolled, roll 1D6/2; the result of the second roll is now the number of DAYS Relapse delays the secondary effects. Relapse is priced according to the cost of the secondary drug + 100eb. Relapse itself is non-addictive.

Slo-Mo  (STR 1, 160eb/dose)

A shiny black powder generally sold in capsules, Slo-Mo causes the neural pathways of the brain to fire more rapidly, increasing reflexes and making the outside world appear to slow down. Slo-Mo is primarily used for the two functions of the human race: sex and death. It is prized as a way of extending the ecstasy of orgasm, but is more commonly used by urban warriors who use the edge it gives them to lethal effect in combat. Game Notes : Slo-Mo takes effect in 1D2 minutes and increases REF by 1 point for 1D6 x 10 minutes. After it wears off, REF is reduced by -1 for 1D6 x 10 minutes.

Increased REF (20) + Reduced REF (delayed, -5) + STR 1 = Diff 16. Times 2 for Medium Duration is 32, times 1 for Powdered form is 32, times 5 for Type C Illegal gives a total cost of 160eb/dose.

Zoroaster  (STR 3, 180eb/dose)

A handy black-and-white capsule is the carrying mechanism for this perception-altering drug. A person under the influence of Zoroaster sees every moral question in black or white terms. When you're hopped up on "Zorro," you are right and everyone not actively supporting you is wrong. Game Notes: Zorro takes effect in 9 + 1D6 minutes and increases COOL by +3 for 1D10 hours. It is Highly Psychologically Addictive, with an Addiction Number of 5 (roll above 5 on 1D10 every use or become addicted). If addicted, cravings appear in 3D6 hours, and if not satisfied, withdrawal symptoms appear 3D6 hours afterwards.

Increased COOL (20) + Highly Psychologically Addictive (-12) + Delusions (immediate, -5) + STR 3 = 6 Diff. Times 3 for Long Duration is 18, times 10 for Type A Illegal gives us a total cost of 180eb/dose.

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