by Amy Luther
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Electromagnetic Field Detector  (400eb)

A person with this implant can sense the electromagnetic fields given off by electronic devices, including those put out by cybernetics, hidden sensors, and surveillance devices. +2 to Awareness/Notice rolls involving detection of such devices. Detection of cybernetics through clothing or a RealSkinn covering should be Difficult, and through Microwave/EMP shielding should be Very Difficult at best. The implant cannot determine the exact nature of a hidden cybernetic, only its presence and approximate size. HC = 2, SC = M.

Tactile Microphone  (250eb)

This is a microphone which is added to a cyberhand or cyberfinger. By placing the tip of the finger or the palm of the hand flat against the surface of a wall, window, or floor, the user can detect vibrations caused by people or vehicles moving around on the other side. If the input is linked to cyberaudio or a recording device, the user can listen in to the actual sounds produced, whether they be conversation or otherwise. HC = 1, SC = N.

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