a Cyberpunk 2020 game
run by Gary Astleford
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This is a compilation of all the notes I typed up in relation to a Cyberpunk 2020 game I once ran. It's probably gone down in my books as one of the best games I ever ran. The notes that follow are in their raw format. I prefer to run my games in a fluid environment; that is, I'll detail some things I'd like to see happen, and then run the game, introducing things as they pop up. Some of the notes may seem scattered.

The New Mexico Cops game was run using the alternate character gen system I devised, which does not utilize Special Abilities or Roles.

Mockery's Note: Because of the way Gary's notes are written, this is probably the easiest campaign to "genericize" and run for any group of players, since the only requirements are that the PC's be cops, in some sort of disgrace, and the station be placed next to a military installation (not necessarily White Sands). Following Gary's "raw" session notes are my comments, in italics, detailing what actually happened in each game.

Players were:

Brant Clabaugh-Bruce Ingles ("Wheels"), Sgt. from the Cruiser Patrol
Amy Luther-Sophie Maitland, Lt. from the Airborne Division
Katrina Kinda-Fiona Grayson, Veteran Officer from Tech
Joe Kilcoyne-Jonathan Burke, Veteran Officer from Outback Cruiser Patrol

The Games

Session One

The characters are introduced to each other, the background of the scenario is laid out, we explore the station, and meet some of the major NPCs. Lights in the western skies, and our first case: a cattle mutilation!

Session Two

More lights in the western skies. A napalm strike across the river. The first encounter with the Wasteland Warriors, the downed UFO, and another cattle mutilation.

Session Three

Mrs. Combs has a domestic dispute. We hassle some smugglers and some Cowboys, and a couple of Army NCOs come in to town and cause trouble.

Session Four

Colonel Tagge shows up to reclaim his men. A John Deere Botanical Spider Droid goes on the attack, and our civilian paramedic arrives.

Session Five

The Biotechnica rep arrives to spread good cheer and bribes around. The Wasteland Warriors get their revenge. We think twice about arresting the Cowboys, Officer Burke is abducted by aliens, and Ellie escapes from White Sands.

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