a character by Amy Luther
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Jody Morris, aka Virtue, aka Millennial Girl, aka Binary Dozen, is a short, scrawny 22-year old, with black hair, black eyes, and deeply tanned skin. Her mother was half-Panamanian, but died of the Wasting Plague in 2000. She grew up hauled hither and yon throughout the South and Midwest in the care of her evangelist father, who eventually ended up dead in the bed of someone else's wife. An aunt took her out of a state home and brought her to the Trinity compound in San Francisco, where she spent eight years.

What's Trinity? Combine the worst of all the evil televangelist ministries on the planet (estimated net worth on the order of billions) throw in a dash of cutthroat corporate ethics (extraction teams who work for the Lord), mix in Valley Bible Death Camps and razorwire towers, a cruciform data fortress staffed by pro-level born-again netrunners, and you're starting to hear the word of Jesus Christ. Can you say Amen, brother?

It took her six years before she came back to her senses, and two more to get out of the place. When she left, she blew the codes to Trinity's San Francisco data fort into the Net, prompting the locals to make runs which lost Trinity a king's ransom in euro before they locked the place up again. She ran to Panama with a 10,000eb bounty on her head, which is where our "Coke Madness" game began.


Athletics +3
Awareness/Notice +4
Basic Tech +4
Bicycle +2
Brawling +2
Cyberdeck Design +2
Driving +2
Education & General Know +2
Electronics +2
Expert: Evangelical Christianity +3
First Aid +2
Handgun +4
Hide/Evade +2
Human Perception +1
Interface +8
Library Search +3
Mathematics +2
Persuasion & Fast Talk +2
Programming +6
Stealth +2
Streetwise +3
System Knowledge +5

Light Sleeper +3, Computer Aptitude +4, Enemy (Trinity) -4, Allergy (-6 BOD save if stung) to Bee Stings -8.


Neuralware Processor
Cybermodem Link
Biomonitor (tied to Times Square Marquee)
Interface Plugs
Cyberoptics - Thermograph, Times Square Marquee, Color Shift
Chipware Socket - Spanish +3

ICON- A naked, dead-looking cherub with ragged wings, hollow eyesockets and a razor wire halo.


A used Microtronics portable deck, with its portable battery ripped out (10 MU, +3 Speed, +5 Data Walls), contained in an Armored Casing (SP 4). On Deck are Termite, Codecracker, Reflector, Killer 3, Genie, and Backup. Chipped are Vid Master, News at 8, Databaser, Padlock, and 5 MU of cooking programs (don't ask).

Her deck is a weefle deck that I managed to get a good deal of use out of. We were dirt poor in the Panama game... hell, we couldn't even afford dirt. I think I had a grand total of 200eb the entire game, and I arrived in England with an all-time low of 54eb in my pocket.


-Various clothing, mostly shorts and tank tops from her time in Panama.
-A medical bracelet, explaining her allergy to bee stings and what to do in case she is stung.
-Lt. Armor Jacket. This sucker is very used, but she's jazzed it up by embroidering the edges of the bullet holes in rainbow thread to make them stand out. It's black, with a mosaic of Panamanian molas covering the sleeves and front panels.
-Mesh bag, made out of soft woven rope, the strap reinforced with wire to prevent snatching. It contains a used tube of SP 200 sunblock, various chips with peeling Spanish labels, her deck (see below), her credstick and handgun (SIG P 226 which uses brass cased ammo, P|+2|J|R|2D6+1|15|2|VR), a box of 9mm brass-cased hollowpoint rounds (1.5x flesh), her sting kit (an anti-allergy medication kit, 'cause she's deathly allergic to bee stings), a wadded up light Armor T-Shirt (slightly used), a bicycle maintenance kit, a coil of Low Impedance Cables (+1 Interface), an EMP grenade, and a frag grenade.
-1964 Raleigh 9-speed bicycle.

Check out the Coke Madness game for Virtue's take on the events in Panama City.

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