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These weapons are from the GDW's Dark Conspiracy, specifically from the Dark Tek supplement.

Microfilament Machete  MEL +1 N R 4D6 n/a n/a VR 1m 1000eb  

The microfilament machete is one meter in length and composed of a blade about three to four molecules wide capped with a small, spherical, red marker. The blade is made of an advanced carbon-fiber compound that holds its shape well even under stress, and it is extremely difficult to see, even in well-lit conditions (Diff. Awareness roll to spot). Its incredible thinness means that it is not only terribly sharp, but has very little drag, allowing it to pass through very hard substances with considerable ease. Note that it is too light to be used in melee combat as a blocking weapon, and the ball on the end prevents thrusting penetration. (Dark Tek 49)

[Mockery's Note : There has been some debate in our gaming circle as to whether this is of an appropriate tech level to be included in a CP2020 campaign. You can see what I think, because I put it up here, but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind while using it. First of all, does the blade retract into the handle (giving it a Concealability of P), or is a special sheath required? Is it made rigid through an innate property of the "carbon-fiber" filament, or does it require an energy field, and thus a power pack? Your answers to these questions will tell you whether it's too advanced for your campaign.]

Minisaw  MEL -2 N P 3D6 n/a n/a UR 100eb  

The minisaw is a small chainsaw that is a gruesome gang weapon, popular in some European metroplexes. Sporting a pistol grip and wrist brace, the minisaw creates its mayhem with a six-inch blade made from carbon composites bonded to an alloy mesh. The minisaw has an internal battery (10eb) giving it 30 minutes of continuous use, or it can be powered from a belt pack (30eb) that has a life of 60 minutes. Any attack blocked by the minisaw is likely to damage its blade or motor; the minisaw can sustain only 4 points of damage before it ceases to operate. At 10 points, the damage becomes irreparable. (Dark Tek 49)

LazBlinder  EX 0 N P Special 10 1 ST 3000eb  

The LazBlinder is arguably the last (if brutal) word in controlling large, violent crowds. Little more than a medium-power laser hooked up to a sweeping system, it appears as a large, black-faced, open-ended cone, mounted above a squat generator. The cone itself does not move; the laser and the sweeping mechanism are contained within it. In the absence of the generator, the weapon can run off of any kilowatt-rated power supply via cable connection. The LazBlinder has an effective range of 100 meters and a long range of 300 meters. It has a triangular area of effect. All targets within the effective area must make a Difficult REF roll to avoid retinal damage (those at long range make the roll at Average Difficulty). Targets that avoid retinal damage are still blinded for one turn, and will have a whopper of a headache for the next hour. Targets who fail their roll will be blinded for 1D6 hours. Botched rolls indicate permanent blindness! Cyberoptics with Anti-Dazzle or goggles with the same option will make targets immune to this attack. Note that the beam is not a blinding flash, but a wash of dim, red light that mildly heats the skin. Unknowing targets may turn to see where the light and heat is coming from. A variant on the LazBlinder has effects similar to the Flashbulb cyberarm option (Chromebook 2); failure means an Impossible COOL roll (add Resist Torture skill to avoid convulsions or psychomotor paralysis for 1D6 min, and this model costs 3500eb. (Dark Tek 48)

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