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External Airlock  (5000eb)

Adapted from modular airlocks designed for the NASA shuttle, this is a one-person airlock (two in a pinch) which can be connected to almost any portal. Emplacing it takes from one to eight hours of work, depending on the relative compatability of the airlock connecter and the portal. It is ideal for connecting two ships to each other, or in jury-rigging an airlock around a hull puncture. It takes 30 seconds to cycle the airlock from vacuum to 1.0 standard atmospheres. It has 10 SDP. (Dark Tek 92)

Grapnel Gun  (50eb)  

A recoilless gun used for placing lines, used as safety lines or as handholds when going EVA without a maneuver unit. Grapnels are magnetic and trail 25m of line behind them. Once fired, the line may be slowly reeled in, bringing the firer along with it, or it may be detached and attached to another grapple, creating a stable line to travel on. Grapnels move at a delta-Vee of 50m/sec, and can reel the user in at up to 25m/sec. It does very little damage if it strikes a living target (maybe 1 point if used in atmosphere). (Dark Tek 95)

EVA Multitool  (200eb)  

This is a tube 1.35 meters in length and 10 cm in diameter. It incorporates maneuver jets (equivalent to Hand Maneuver Units, Deep Space, p. 52), vacuum-rated grapnel gun (see above), radio booster module (boosts range on a hands-free comset by 200% when connected with a special adaptor), magnetic mooring pad, laser range finder, and geiger counter (5m range). It is also equipped with white locator lights which can be set for steady or strobe, and can be changed to red to indicate emergency or distress. (Dark Tek 96)

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