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GURPS Cyberpunk weapons are easily converted to CP2020 format. Most are 9mm, although there are a few odd calibers like 9mm high-power, 5.5mm long, and 7.7mm rifle, which I've occasionally had to guestimate damage for. Except where otherwise noted, assume that all weapons given below are caseless. Any of these weapons may be smartlinked; standard price increases apply.

The author does not condone use of all of these weapons in a CP2020 campaign. Hell, I think some of them are pretty overpowered. However, in the interests of neutrality, I've decided to present almost everything, keep the conversions as faithful to the original sourcebook as possible, and let you pick and choose what you want according to the needs of your campaign.


If a weapon is listed as having "integral sights," i.e. telescopic, laser, or whatever, the weapon's WA reflects that (generally at +1 WA per sight). The WA does not reflect integral smartchipping, since unchipped users may want to fire the weapon too. Weapons with a base WA of +1 or +2 are simply very accurate weapons, and the WA may be increased with sights and smartchipping as normal.

MoskArms Sport-Pyat    P +2 L P 1D6 (5mm) 20 1/3 ST 100m 150eb

This Russian-made sporting pistol is built for comfortable, accurate shooting. It is rather bulky for concealment purposes because of its 200mm extension barrel, which increases accuracy and range, but makes the weapon almost impossible to hide. Changing the extension barrel to a standard one (20eb) reduces accuracy to 0, range to 50m, but increases concealability to P. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

SOG Feder  P +1 P P 1D6+2 (7mm) 7 1/3 VR 50m 200eb

The Feder is a tidy little hideaway weapon (V.Diff to spot). With a short (by modern standards) magazine of 7mm rounds, it is not much use against an armored opponent. Its use of new plastics specifically designed to elude modern weapons detectors and highly efficient gas venting to reduce its signature for chemical detectors is controversial (-2 to scanner detection rolls), but explains its popularity in some circles. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

SOG StrassenShutz  P +1 P P 2D6 (9mm short) 20 1/3 VR 50m 250eb

Schneider-Oranien Gesellshaft is an up-and-coming German manufacturer of civilian and sporting arms. While their military hardware is less advanced than the weapons produced by Fabrique Europa, SOG weapons are popular with local police and third world armed forces. The StrassenShutz (Street Protector) is light and easily concealable. It fires a 9mm short round that some critics charge is too feeble to be worth much in a fight. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

Smith & Wesson Urban Defender  P 0 J C 2D6+1 (9mm) 20 1/3 VR 50m 300eb

The Urban Defender is one of the most widely carried civilian firearms in the U.S.: sturdy, reliable, and reasonably priced. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

MoskArms Russki-9   P +2 J P 2D6+1 (9mm) 20 1/3 ST 50m 450eb

The Russki-9 is MoskArms' bread-and-butter weapon, sold widely in the Eastern Bloc and the rest of Eurasia. It has an integral laser sight. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

Glock 9mm Hotload  P +2 J E 2D6+2( 9mm high-power) 20 1/3 VR 50m 400eb

Chambered for 9mm high-powered rounds, the Hotload's advanced design takes full advantage of caseless ammo to prevent malfunctions. It is favored by private, military, and public police forces alike. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

Astrum Meteor Magnum   P +1 J P 3D6 (11mm) 10 1/3 ST 50m 600eb

Astrum Federated Firearms of Buenos Aires has emerged as one of the top weapons firms in South America, and the Meteor is arguably the most popular large-bore autoloading pistol south of Panama. Accurate, reliable, with a good-sized clip. The Astrum 11mm Bolide is an advanced model of the Meteor with an integral laser sight (+1 WA). (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

Colt Warrior .44 Magnum  P 0 J E 4D6 (.44 mag) 6 2 ST 50m 450eb

For people who simply like very big handguns, the Warrior is the way to go. This is one of the few revolvers in modern production, and Colt retained the old .44 Magnum chambering to appeal to traditionalists. It uses cased ammunition. Speedloaders are available from the manufacturer (15eb). (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

MoskArm NovUzi   SMG -1 L P 2d6+1 (9mm) 40 20 ST 100m 400eb

Some weapons never go out of style. The Uzi submachine gun is one of them. MoskArms copied this pattern in 2013, and it is almost unchanged from the original design introduced in 1952. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

NATArms M-19  SMG +1 L C 2D6+3 (10mm) 40 40 ST 100m 1400eb

A sturdy SMG of American manufacture, the M-19 comes with integral smartgun link. (GURPS Cyberworld 103).

Remington Model 60   SHG 0 N C 4D6 (12ga/#00) 5 1/3 VR 50m 250eb

This is a standard, good-quality, semi-automatic shotgun. A slightly shorter, ligher model, the Remington "Hearthfire" Model 62, is sold for home defense (WA -1, Conc. L). (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

Smith & Wesson Thor   SHG 0 N C 4D6 (12ga/#00) 8 2 ST 50m 300eb

This is a good example of the older-model, autoloading, small-clip shotguns used by public police in cities all over the world. The close-assault weapon format has largely replaced them on modern private police forces and in military applications. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

NATArms UCW   SHG -2 L C 5D6 (10ga/#00) 10 2 ST 50m 650eb

A compact, semi-automatic shotgun firing large-gauge shells, the UCW is perfect for urban close combat. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

FE-ACW  SHG -1 N P 5D6 (10ga/#00) 12 2 ST 50m 800eb

Fabrique Europa's Close-Assault Weapon, devastating in combat, is found in the hands of third world police and riot squads all over the world. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

Sauvage 7mm "Boucanier"  RIF +2 N P 6D6 (7mm) 10 2 VR 250m 400eb

When a French consortium purchased Savage Arms in 2017 and renamed it Sauvage, predictions of lowered quality were rampant. However, consistently good weapon performance has made the Sauvage 7mm series popular with sportsmen the world over. The Boucanier is equipped with integral telescopic and low-light sights. Optional models with integral laser sights (the "Dragon Rouge," 500eb) and smartgunning (the "L'Aigle," 700eb) are available. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

MoskArms 12mm "Molniya"  RIF 0 N P 6D10 (12mm L) 5 3 ST 200m 1750eb

The Molniya "Thunderbolt" is a big-game rifle, priced in accordance with the small market for such weapons in 2020. So many game species are protected by endangered species regulations that there are few big game hunters around. Poachers don't count; they generally hose down the animal with a flood of small-caliber fire from military weapons until it falls over dead. The Molniya throws a 12mm slug that can drop a Cape buffalo, and that practically tears smaller targets to pieces. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

SOG G7 Carbine  RIF +1 N P 4D6+2 (5.5mm L) 40 2/40 VR 400m 550eb

SOG's G7 weapon is a compact, bullpup design assault rifle popular with infantry in less-developed nations. SOG has licensed the design for manufacture in a number of third world countries. It could be seen as an update on the Darra-Polytechnic M-9 Assault Rifle and an effort to move into the third world market, since it uses the same 5.5mm caseless round as the M-9, but is more accurate and follows the modern-day bullpup configuration. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

NATArms M-23  RIF +2 N C 4D6+2 (5.5mm L) 30 2/10/30 ST 400m 4250eb

The M-23 and its related configurations are an American attempt to capitalize on the ubiquitous 5.5mm third world market. However, they cater toward the wealthy dictator's private forces (who would probably be using assault rifles with a little more punch anyway) and are not nearly as popular as the SOG or Darra-Polytechnic. They are equipped with integral telescopic and low-light sights and are equipped for smartlinking. The M-23 may mount an MML-20 mini-grenade launcher under the barrel (see below). (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

FE-AC 7.7mm Carbine   RIF +2 N P 6D6+3 (7.7mm) 30 3/30 VR 400m 1000eb
(FE-AR Rifle  MGL 0 n/a n/a Varies (25mm mini-gren) 5 1 VR 150m 4500eb)

This is the cream of military firearms from Fabrique Europe, the company that took Europe's leading weapon manufacturers by storm in 2014. Both the FE-AC and FE-AR assault rifles are equipped with integral telescopic and low-light sights and have integral smartgun links. The FE-AR is identical to the FE-AC, but has an underbarrel 25mm minigrenade launcher which is very similar to that of the Militech M-31a1 Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

MoskArm AK-107   RIF +1 N P 6D6+3 (7.7mm) 30 3/30 VR 400m 2000eb

Modeled on the old Kalishnikov, the AK-107 combines the legendary durability of that weapon with modern materials and caseless ammunition to produce a superb infantry assault rifle. It is equipped with telescopic sights. The AK-107V (+2 WA, 4000eb) has telescopic and low-light imaging sights and is equipped with an integral smartgun link. (GURPS Cyberworld 102)

MoskArm SVD   RIF +2 N P 6D6 (7mm) 20 2 ST 1000m 4500eb

A superb siper rifle with adjustable stock, balance weights, an optional tripod mount (WA +1), and integral smartchipping. MoskArm is reputedly working on a remote- controlled model, to be set up and ranged in on a given spot and then connected to a control unit with an image-recognition expert system. The control unit would be able to fire the gun upon recognizing a specified target entering its fire zone. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

NATArms CW55  RIF +1 N C 4D6+2 (5.5mm L) 10 2 ST 1000m 3500eb

The Covert Weapon Model 55 is a sniper rifle that breaks down into separate barrel, stock, reciever and clip mechanism. When dismantled, it fits into a briefcase, or may even be carried in special pockets in an overcoat (Conc L). It takes 5 minutes and a succesful Weaponsmithing (or Rifle) roll at Diff 15 to put the weapon together. (GURPS Cyberworld 103)

NATArms MML-20  MGL -1 N varies (25mm mini-gren) 5 2 ST 150m 500eb

This microgrenade launcher fires 25mm mini-grenades using a propellant charge. The weapon holds 5 grenades. The standard MML-20 is shaped like an old-fashioned flare pistol, with the thick clip loaded into the underside of the barrel. A folding stock allows reasonably accurate two-handed fire (listed WA). Firing an MML-20 one-handed imposes a -4 to WA. The MML-20S is designed to be attached under the barrel of a modern assault weapon, typically the NATArms M-23. It can only be fired when attached to such a weapon. Attaching or detaching the MML-20S takes 10 minutes and requires an Average Weaponsmithing or Rifle roll. (GURPS Cyberworld 105).

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