by Amy Luther
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Assorted programs based on those found in GURPS Cyberpunk.

Crumble  (Intrusion, STR 1*, MU 4, 290eb)

Like standard intrusion programs, when successfully applied to a data wall, Crumble reduces its STR by Crumble's own STR. Unlike other intrusion programs, Crumble is almost totally silent, so a system will only detect its effects on a roll of 1 out of 1d10. It does a guaranteed amount of damage (Crumble's STR) to the wall each time it is used. It also increases in STR as it is used. Each failed attempt to Crumble a data wall increases its STR by 1 to a ceiling of 10. The increased STR is only good against immediate successive attempts against that particular fort. If the runner jacks out, the STR increase is lost, even if the runner comes back to the same fort. It is also lost if used against a different system. Crumble cannot reduce a data wall's STR below 1, so it must be paired with another intrusion program for best effect. ICON: The program itself has none, but it causes big black fractal cracks and chips to appear in the surface of the data wall as it eats into its structure.

Loop  (Anti-System, STR 3, MU 2, 570eb)

Loop is used to occupy processing time on the target system so that it is less resistant to other attacks. Loop puts the CPU into an infinite loop of some sort -- calculating the value of pi to the last decimal place, for instance. A successful use of Loop ties up one action of the target CPU. If the CPU only has one action, it is helpless. Subsequent Loops tie up extra actions. When used against a cyberdeck, Loop effectively paralyzes the deck; the runner can only move, and is unable to execute any Menu functions, including the command to jack out. ICON: A tickertape stream of neon zeroes and ones zips toward the target and wraps it up like a mummy.

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