by Gary Astleford
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[Mockery's Note - Right now, you're probably saying, What? Star Wars weapons? For Cyberpunk? Let's just say that we like the Cyberpunk 2020 game mechanics so much, we run a lot of games with that system ... Ocelot put these together for one such game. Stats are based on data from the movies and from the West End Games Star Wars RPG.]

Weapon stats are in this order:

Statistic Definitions are at the bottom of the page. You may want to check down there, since some new Availabilty codes have been created for these conversions.

Black-Powder Pistol  (.36 to .44 Cap & Ball)  P -1 J P/R 2D6+1 6 1 ST 35m. 250cs

Musket  (.50 Rifled Cap & Ball Musket)  RIF +2 N P/R 4D6 1 1 ST 75m. 200cs

Rifle, Semi-Auto  (5.56mm)  RIF +2 N P/R 5D6 20 2 ST 400m. 300cs

Rifle, Automatic  (5.56mm)  RIF +2 N P/X 5D6  20 10 ST 400m. 400cs

Slugthrower  (9mm)  P +1 J P/R 2D6+1 15 2 ST 50m. 275cs

Submachine Gun  (9mm)  SMG -1 J P/X 2D6+1 30 20 ST 150m. 500cs
Blaster Pistols -
Czerka 411 Hold-Out  ("A" Cell)  BP -1 P C/R 1D6+2 26 1 UR 10m. 175cs

Merr-Sonn Munitions Q2 Hold-Out  ("A" Cell)  BP -2 P C/R 3D6+2 10 1 ST 20m. 300cs

Sorosuub F19 "Stealth" Hold-Out  ("A" Cell)  BP -1 P P/R 3D6+1 12 1 VR 20m. 350cs

Drearian Def. Conglom. "Varmint" Sporting Blaster ("A" Cell)  BP  0 J C/R 2D6+1 50 1 ST 30m. 350cs

BlasTech DL-12 "Duelist" Sporting Blaster  ("A" Cell) BP +1 J C/R 2D6+3 36 1 ST 40m. 375cs

Merr-Sonn Munitions "Quick-Six" Sporting Blaster  ("B" Cell)  BP 0 J C/R 3D6 30 1 ST 35m. 350cs

Mos Eisley Gunworks "Gunslinger" Blaster Pistol  ("B" Cell)  BP   -1 J C/R 4D6 35 1 ST 50m. 400cs

BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol  ("B" Cell)  BP 0 J E/R 4D6+2 40 1/3 ST 50m. 450cs

Merr-Sonn Munitions "Flash-Four" Blaster Pistol ("B" Cell) BP 0 J E/R 4D6+4 35 1/3 ST 60m. 500cs

Sorosuub M28X Blaster Pistol ("B" Cell) BP +1 J C/X 4D6+4 30 1/3/10 VR 75m. 550cs

Sorosuub M32X "Stormtrooper One" ("B" Cell) BP +1 J/L C/X 5D6+2 25 1/3/12 VR 75m. 650cs

BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol ("B" Cell) BP -1 J C/X 5D6+5 20 2 ST 100m. 750cs

Drearian Defense Conglomorate "Defender" Stun Pistol ("A" Cell) BP 0 J E/F 3D6 50 1 VR 30m. 200cs
Blaster Rifles -
Drearian Defense Conglomorate "Light Sport Hunter" ("B" Cell) BR +2 N E/F 4D6+2 30 1 ST 600m. 500cs

BlasTech EE-3 "Fett" Blaster Rifle ("C" Cell) BR +2 N/L P/X 6D6+2 60 1/3/10 VR 300m. 800cs

BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle ("C" Cell) BR +1 N P/X 7D6+4 35 1/3 ST 500m. 1400cs

Merr-Sonn G8 Blaster Rifle ("C" Cell) BR 0 N C/X 7D6+2 42 1/3/10 ST 450m. 1250cs

Sorosuub L42 "Heavy Tracker" Blaster Rifle ("C" Cell) BR +1 N C/X 6D6+6 50 1/3/15 VR 400m. 1000cs

Sorosuub "Quicksnap" L42T Carbine ("C" Cell) BR 0 N/L C/X 6D6+6 50 1/3/15 VR 250m. 900cs

Sorosuub D54 Repeating Blaster ("D" Cell) HVY 0 N P/X 8D6+8 200 1/3/20 ST 400m. 2000cs

Sorosuub D66 Med. Repeating Blaster ("D" Cell or External Power Source *)
HVY 0 N P/X 6D10+6 100 1/3/30 ST 500m. 3000cs

Sorosuub D88 Hvy. Repeating Blaster ("E" Cell or External Power Source *)
HVY 0 N R/X 8D10+8 100 1/3/40 ST 600m. 5000cs
Wookie Bow Caster (BC Bolts) BOW -1 N R/X 4D6+5 5 1 VR 100m. 900cs

Staff/Club MEL 0 N C 1D6 n/a n/a n/a 1m. 15cs

Spear MEL 0 N P 2D6+1 n/a n/a n/a 2m. 60cs

Gaderffii MEL 0 N C 2D6 n/a n/a n/a 1m. 50cs

Knife MEL 0 J C 1D6+1 n/a n/a n/a 1m. 25cs

Hatchet MEL 0 J C 1D6+3 n/a n/a n/a 1m. 35cs

Bayonet (Mounted on rifle; Use stats for "Knife" if unmounted) MEL 0 N C 2D6+1 n/a n/a n/a 2m. 75cs

Vibroaxe ("B" Cell/10 Minutes Use) MEL -1 N P/R 4D6 n/a n/a ST 1m. 500cs

Vibroblade ("A" Cell/10 Minutes Use) MEL 0 J C/F 2D6+1 n/a n/a ST 1m. 250cs

Vibrobayonet ("A" Cell/10 Minutes Use; Mounted On Rifle) MEL 0 N C/F 3D6+1 n/a n/a ST 2m. 300cs

Force Pike ("C" Cell/10 Minutes Use) MEL -2 N P/R 4D6+1 n/a n/a ST 3m. 500cs

Light Saber ("C" Cell/60 Minutes Use) LS 0 J R/X 6D6 n/a n/a VR 1m. N/Acs
Grenades, Fragmentation HVY 0 P C/R 5D6 1 1 ST 20m. 200cs

Grenades, Stun HVY 0 P C/R 5D6 Stun 1 1 ST 20m. 100cs

Thermal Detonator HVY -1 P P/X 8D10 1 1 ST 15m. 2000cs

Notes : Protection from soft armors is reduced by 50% against blaster-type weapons.

Stormtrooper Armor (Composite Ceramics) -

SP 20 to All Locations, -2 EV; Helmet Includes Comlink, Thermal Scanner. Availability : P/X. Cost : 2500cs. Armor Type : Hard.

Protective Helmet (Composite Ceramics) -

SP 10 - 20 to Head, Some models are equipped with Comlinks, etc. Availability : C/F. Cost : 300cs - 600cs. Armor Type : Hard.

Protective Vest (Kevlar) -

SP 20 to Chest & Abdomen, -1 EV. Availability : C/F. Cost : 700cs. Armor Type : Soft.

Protective Vest (Composite Ceramics) -

SP 20 to Chest & Abdomen, -1 EV; Availability : C/R. Cost : 1200cs. Armor Type : Hard.

Light Armor Vest (Kevlar) -

SP 10 to Chest & Abdomen, Concealable under baggy clothes. Availability : C/F. Cost : 250cs. Armor Type : Soft.

Medium Armor Vest (Kevlar) -

SP 14 to Chest, Abdomen, & Arms, Usually in the form of a jacket. Availability : C/F. Cost : 500cs. Armor Type : Soft.

Heavy Armor Vest (Kevlar) -

SP 18 to Chest, Abdomen, & Arms, Usually in the form of a jacket or coat. Availability : C/R. Cost : 750cs. Armor Type : Soft.

Clamshell Armor, Arm Greaves (Composite Ceramics) -

SP 20 to Arms, Usually part of a full suit. Availability : P/R. Cost : 250cs/Arm. Armor Type : Hard.

Clamshell Armor, Leg Greaves (Composite Ceramics) -

SP 20 to Legs, Usually part of a full suit. Availability : P/R. Cost : 400cs/Leg. Armor Type : Hard.

Statistic Definitions :
TYPEP = Pistol; SMG = Submachine Gun; SHG = Shotgun; RIF = Rifles; HVY = Heavy Weapons; BP = Blaster Pistol; BR = Blaster Rifle; BOW = Bow Weapons; MEL = Melee; LS = Light Saber.
WABonus added to or subtracted from a to-hit roll.
CONConcealability; P = Pocket, Pants Leg, Sleeve; J = Jacket, Coat, Shoulder Rig; L = Long Coat; N = Cannot be Concealed or Hidden (Listing after a "/" indicates a collapsed stock).
AVLAvailability (Two-Part Code); First Letter : E = Excellent (1-9 chance); C = Common (1-6 chance); P = Poor (1-4 chance); R = Rare (1-2 chance); Second Letter : F = Fee or Permit Required for Purchase; R = Restricted, May Not Purchase or Sell Without Appropriate Imperial License; X = Illegal, Possession or Use Violates Imperial Law.
DAMAGEDice of Damage Rolled.
SHOTSNumber of Shots per Standard Clip, Magazine, etc.
ROFNumber of Shots That Can be Fired Per Combat Round.
RELReliability; VR = Very Reliable; ST = Standard; UR = Unreliable.
RNGLong Range for the Weapon in Meters.
COSTCost in Credits Standard.

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