by Amy Luther
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All of these vehicles are from Cybergeneration, p. 94-85. Conversions to the Maximum Metal format are approximate and tinkering is encouraged.

Nunchaku Cyberbike

Top Speed:110 mph (117 kph)Maneuver: 0
Type:CycleRange:400 mi
Crew:1SP:0 (Armor 0)
Mass:119 lbs (54 kg)SDP:27
Passengers:0Acc/Dcc:36 mph/42 mph
Cargo:40 lbs (18 kg)Cost:4000eb

The bike of choice among beavers; some call it the "Beaverville Riceburner." Note that as a cyberbike, v-link is standard and manual handling optional (at an extra 500eb). Jumps off the line and stops on a dime, but in the upper ranges, handling deteriorates (-1 for each 5 mph over 100 mph).

Akira Cyberbike

Top Speed:130 mph (210 kph)Maneuver: +2
Type:CycleRange:400 mi
Crew:1SP:0 (Armor 0)
Mass:110 lbs (50 kg)SDP:25
Passengers:0Acc/Dcc:18 mph/30 mph
Cargo:36 lbs (16 kg)Cost:8750eb

Recumbent cyberbike, with a v-link heads-up display and computerized stabilizers. Manual handling is available at an additional cost of 500eb.

Hellfire Cyberbike

Top Speed:160 mph (257 kph)Maneuver: 0
Type:CycleRange:400 mi
Crew:1SP:0 (Armor 0)
Mass:133 lbs (60 kg)SDP:30
Passengers:0Acc/Dcc:20 mph/33 mph
Cargo:43 lbs (20 kg)Cost:8400eb

A popular cyberbike, providing v-link and manual operation at no extra cost. On-board status computer is standard.

Apache Cyberbike

Top Speed:110 mph (117 kph)Maneuver: 0
Type:CycleRange:1600 mi (*)
Crew:1SP:5 (Armor 0)
Mass:265 lbs (120 kg)SDP:30
Passengers:0Acc/Dcc:18 mph/30 mph
Cargo:87 lbs (40 kg)Cost:11,500eb

The increased range is a product of a highly fuel-efficient engine (approx 200 mpg), and not of a greater fuel capacity. Used Apaches typically reflect a 75% to 50% reduced range due to engine wear and poor maintenance. It comes standard with both v-link and manual handling at no additional cost, and is off-road capable. A favorite among nomads and neo-tribals.

Lark Mini-Scooter

Top Speed:70 mph (177 kph)Maneuver: +1
Type:CycleRange:200 mi
Crew:1SP:0 (Armor 0)
Mass:132 lbs (60 kg)SDP:15
Passengers:0Acc/Dcc:14 mph/30 mph
Cargo:44 lbs (20 kg)Cost:1650eb

It's a scooter. What more do you want?

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