by Gary Astleford
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Services Offered - Prevention and Treatment of Genetic Disorders
Headquarters - Bremen, Germany
Regional Offices - Stockholm, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Crystal Palace
Employees - Worldwide: 2100
Security: 300
Covert: 40

Summary -

GDI specializes in identifying and treating genetic disorders. Some of the brightest geneticists in the world call GDI their employer. The corporation also works in other genetics-related fields, such as developing new, stable, and more bountiful crops. It is also rumored that they are establishing new and remarkable clone technology, though this has yet to be confirmed. GDI's only subsidiary is the Center for Neurological Studies in Bremen.

Public Relations -

The company retains good relations with the public. They don't advertise extensively, since their sparkling reputation usually precedes them in many situations. GDI, through fair means or foul, has many friends among politicians who hold prominent positions within Interpol and the EEC.

Security & Black Ops -

GDI controls a small garrison of troops. Corporate policy dictates that this security force is needed to protect valuable company secrets from the prying eyes of competitors. These troops are responsible for perimeter guard around GDI facilities.

GDI's Troops (corp cops, etc) wear khaki uniforms. The shirt displays a name tag on the right breast, and rank on both lapels and on the left shoulder. The right shoulder displays the double helix symbol. Service ribbons are displayed on the left breast, and include insignias for commendations, years in service, and areas of training. Guards are usually armed with Sternmeyer SMG-21's and a personal sidearm. Armor issued includes a flak vest (SP20, -2 EV) and helmet (SP16) with face shield (SP10), but these are not usually worn except in emergencies.

Covert agents are used almost exclusively for surveillance of subjects and data acquisition. Many of them are recruited from the ranks of ex-Interpol agents, and are therefore quite capable.

Corporate Relations -

GDI continues to have friendly to neutral relations with most corporations. Biotechnicia, however, has made queries into buying the company, all of which have since been rejected by the board of directors. Such incidents have in the past made relations between the two corporations shaky at best. However, no overt action has taken place, and it seems unlikely that any shots will be fired in the near future.

Subsidiaries -

As previously mentioned, GDI's primary subsidiary is the Center for Neurological Studies. The CNS is a research center dedicated to curing paralysis and other nervous system disorders, as well as exploring the nervous system and brain. Most experiments are conducted on willing human subjects. Subjects must pass a variety of tests, as well as qualifying for the experiment, before they are indoctrinated. Indoctrination usually requires a full background check, and can take up to several months.

The CNS pays its test subjects between 2000 and 100,000 euro for their participation, in addition to providing any surgeries, treatments, or other medical attention. However, the subject may remain under observation for months, or even years, before his/her contract expires. Such observation is usually provided by watchful GDI covert agents.

The CNS occupies a large, well-secured hospital complex in Bremen, Germany. It is rumored that several unethical experiments have occurred within the Center's walls. Subjects used in these experiments are acquired from European prisons. These subjects sign on willingly, under the impression that their sentences will be reduced. Many of them, however, are either crippled or killed.

Experiments -

In the past, the CNS (under the watchful eyes of GDI) has performed research in areas scoffed at by modern science. One of the areas which has produced limited success is that of psychic research. Volunteers from several prisons scattered across Europe were chosen for the first wave of experiments.

Experiments involved chemical stimulation of the pineal body, a pea-sized, cone-shaped gland/body located in the center of the brain. In humans, the principal cells of the body resemble nerve tissue, but no concrete evidence indicating a sensory function had ever been discovered. Scientists had always been unsure of the pineal body's function, and many theories have been offered (including Rene Descartes' contention that the pineal is "the seat of the soul").

Initial experiments proved that stimulation of the pineal body/gland induced heightened sexual activity in patients. While this was interesting, it failed to answer any questions pertaining to psychic powers. The second generation of tests was far more successful, and seven subjects out of a group of fifty individuals showed signs of extra-sensory powers.

These individuals were singled out, researched, and another group of volunteers was chosen based on the study's findings. The success rate this time was somewhat higher, and almost 12 out of the fifty subjects in the third generation of experiments began to display curious powers.

Since that time, the Center has hired several experts in paranormal research, as well as some self-proclaimed psychics, to help train subjects in the uses of their new powers. Several areas of psychic phenomenon have been recorded and hypothesized by the scientists involved.

Late in the year 2020, five subjects attempted to escape from the CNS facilities in Bremen. Three of them succeeded in fleeing, while one was captured, and another killed by security personnel during the pursuit. The three that escaped were able to contact some allies in the underground, and escaped to the USA in a vain hope of evading capture by Interpol. Interpol traced the group, and contacted local authorities, who were able to subdue the escapees (whom they assumed were escaped prisoners).

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