by Amy Luther
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Triton  (1600eb)

This modification retains the subject's general human appearance. Other than the ability to breathe underwater, and adding a +2 to Swimming (webbed hands and feet) the Triton exotic is in all respects a normal human and is limited to standard human norms of depth, temperature, and pressure when diving. HC=2D6+2.

Gillman ("Black Lagoon")  (price varies)

As per the Triton, but aquaform bodysculpting is often thrown in, ranging from inexpensive water-reactive synthskins (2000eb, HC=3D6+2) to various types of full skinchanges (amphibian-like, scaled, etc., all costing about 11,600eb with an HC=5D6+2) or even Full Scales (13,600eb, HC=5D6+2). Spines, dorsal fins, and other minor body modifications are included in all packages at an additional cost of 1000eb and HC=1D6/2.

Merman  (19,000eb)

Gives the subject Gills and Hand Webbing and fuses the legs into a single muscular tail. +2 to original MA stat, which is now your underwater MA only; on land, your MA is reduced to a pitiful 2, and you must either crawl or move about in a wheelchair. +3 to your Swimming skill. HC=6D6+4. Some subjects opt for skinchanges on the tail; this adds 3000eb to the cost and 1D6 to the HC.

Mariner  (25,000eb)

Equivalent to an Exotic Full Body Conversion, this radical modification completely retrofits the human body to an aquatic environment, granting full underwater breathing capability and mobility. HC=12D6+4. The Mariner is similar to the Triton package (with +4 Swimming), but incorporates the ability to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure that would kill a normal human (good down to nearly 1000 feet and near-zero temperatures). Use your imagination.

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