by Gary Astleford
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WCCI has been producing quality chipware for the leisure and entertainment markets for years. The company's most recent innovation, "Dimpleware," is a series of chips that are compatible with most major chip sockets. Each chip, when accessed, sends a message to the motor control centers of the brain, causing a muscle contraction which cannot be overcome by the user. Some chips are practical, while others are designed for personal use. "Chiplok" options are available, many of them cheap and easily installed, and they prevent chip removal (see Chromebook 4, page 15). Some chips, if overused or abused, can be dangerous. The chip's user takes full responsibility for the product's application, and the company will not be held liable from any damage resulting from misuse.

"Blindfold" Chip  (50 eb)

Causes the user's eyelids to close. No amount of concentration will force them open. Useful for people who have trouble sleeping, or for those who want to keep themselves (or others) from seeing their surroundings.

"Charley Horse" Chip  (125 eb)

Afflicts the user with painful knots in his calf muscles, slowing movement. Useful for restraining unwilling subjects. Note : Not intended as a torture implement. (Game Notes: This chip gives you the charley horses from Hell, one in each leg. Consequently, the afflicted character must make a stun/shock save at -1. If failed, he/she cannot walk, let alone run - the pain is too great. If the roll is passed, the character cannot move at more than half speed until the chip is removed. Regardless, the user's legs will feel like loose rubber bands once the chip is removed. Will not cause pain to subjects with cyberlegs, but it will still cause the myomar in the limb to contract violently, and this results in the same half-movement penalty.)

"Fist" Chip  (25 eb [right or left hand only], 40 eb [dual hand model])

One or both of the user's hands clench into fists, depending on the chip model. Nothing short of chip removal or amputation will loosen the user's grip! Keeps people with sticky fingers from walking off with your stuff.

"Fist Mk II" Chip  (50 eb right or left hand; sorry, no dual hand models)

The Fist Mk II Chip is designed to help the user retain tools or weapons under stressful conditions. The chip causes hand muscles to contract, but leaves the forefinger under the user's control. This allows most guns and some tools to be held and used with no risk of dropping them. Gives a whole new meaning to the cliché, "They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers."

"Hold It" Chip  (50 eb [single function], 75 eb [dual function])

For the incontinent among us comes the Hold It Chip. It causes the muscles controlling urination and bowel movements to clamp shut, preventing embarrassing accidents. Be aware that this does not block the feelings of discomfort associated with a full-to-the-brim bladder or colon. Users should be seated on or standing in front of the proper facilities when the chip is finally removed. Note: WCCI does not recommend use of this product for more than four hours at a time, as serious damage can result.

"Lockjaw" Chip  (50 eb)

This chip forces the user's jaw muscles to clamp shut. Used in situations where a gag is required but unavailable, or to protect law enforcement personnel against an orally armed perp! Note: WCCI does not condone the use of the Lockjaw Chip as a dietary or weight loss aid.

"Plastic Smile" Chip  (25 eb)

The user's face contracts into a wide, shit-eating grin. He can talk, eat, and interact as normal. A useful gag for parties. Note: Overuse can strain facial muscles.

"Popeye" Chip  (25 eb)

Causes one of the user's eyes to close. As with the Blindfold Chip, the eye cannot be opened unless the chip is removed. Useful for parties, or as an impromptu bandage to protect an injured eye. Must buy separate chips for the right or left eye.

"Stiff Neck" Chip  (50 eb)

This chip forces the user's neck muscles to tighten, giving him an artificially-induced stiff neck. The user will have trouble turning or nodding his head.

"Suck In That Gut!" Chip  (50 eb)

Pants don't fit? Never fear! This little beauty contracts your abdominal muscles so you don't have to! Takes all the effort out of looking lean! Never get caught with your spare tire hanging out again!

"Wide-Eye" Chip  (100 eb, single eye versions cost 50 eb)

(AKA, "The Matchstick") With this chip, the user's eyes are forced open, and he is unable to close them. Useful as a medical aid to assist doctors and technicians in optical surgery or cyberoptic repair. Note: Prolonged use of this chip can dry out and damage the eyes; WCCI does not condone the use of the Wide-Eye Chip for indoctrination or brainwashing purposes, nor as a torture or sleep-deprivation tool.

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