the Cyberspine, Rib Replacement, Stomach Shield, and Eagle Eye Option
by Amy Luther
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Scarab Cybernetics Cyberspine  (10,000eb)

This implant supplants the original spinal column with a reinforced and highly flexible artificial replacement. The spinal cord itself remains au natural, but it is now encased in a supple, resilient cybernetic backbone which provides protection against all forms of back and spinal injury. Game Notes: The spine becomes a cybernetic impant with an SDP of 30. Damage done to the back is deducted from the spine's SDP, just as with cyberlimbs, and any damage which exceeds this SDP is transmitted to the spine as normal wound damage. The user is immune to all forms of back problems and gets a +2 to Athletics rolls, or to any roll involving flexibility of the back (Gymnastics and other REF-based maneuvers). The high cost of this implant reflects the delicate nature of its implantation. A cyberspine can accept standard neuralware processors and does not impede the functioning of other cybernetics in any way. It can be armored up to SP 15 for an additional 5000eb. SC = CR, HC = 2D6+1

Scarab Cybernetics Ribcage Replacement  (5,000eb)

Fully compatible with the Scarab Cyberspine, this implant removes the ribs and replaces them with a tough, springy composite which is capable of absorbing impacts and compressions which would crack and sprain an organic ribcage. The space between the ribs is laced with a Kevlar derivative which resists penetration as well as the best armored vest, but is elastic enough to allow for normal respiration. The ribcage is also hinged in the rear and has a modified sternum which can be released to open the ribs for heart and lung surgery. Game Notes: The ribs themselves are SDP 20, while the space between the ribs is armored to SP10. Crushing and compression trauma must overcome the ribcage's SDP before being transmitted to the body. The Kevlar webbing is treated as a Light Armor Jacket for the purposes of penetration by bullets and other weapons, and is Impossible to spot (30). Note that the protection extends all the way around the torso and attaches to the spine. SC = CR, HC = 3d6.

Scarab Cybernetics Stomach Shield  (price varies)

Urban folklore has it that a gunshot wound in the stomach is one of the worst combat injuries imaginable. The Scarab Stomach Shield takes the fear out of being gutshot. Your vulnerable belly area is reinforced with a type of Graduated Subdermal Armor (Chromebook 2, p. 7) which can flex with your movements but still retains enough rigidity to provide ample protection. Game Notes: The Stomach Shield is hinged and jointed to allow for a normal range of motion, though at higher levels it does cause some loss of REF. Protection begins at SP 10 and can go up to SP20. SC = CR, HC = Varies. Like Graduated Subdermal Armor, it is bought in 2-point increments, as follows:

101D6/2200Impossible (30+)None
121D6400Very Difficult (25)None
141D6+1600 Very Difficult (25)-1 (25% chance)
161D6+3800 Difficult (20)-1 (50% chance)
182D61000Difficult (20)-1
202D6+11200Average (15)-2

Eagle Eye Option  (200eb)

This cybereye option includes a motion processor and priority filter which helps the user detect movement within his visual range. It adds +1 to all visual Awareness checks where the user must notice cues related to motion, and can be used in concert with other options, as it can be switched on and kept on while other options are being accessed. SC = N. HC = .1
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