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Infrared Tripwire  (100eb)

Just what it says - a portable infrared tripwire, consisting of a small infrared light, powered by a battery (5 hour charge) and a reflector. Both are backed with adhesive to allow their attachment to any surface. The beam has a range of 2m and is detectable with IR vision. It can be rigged to set off any type of alarm, detector, or explosive when an object passes between the beam and the reflector. (Cyber Hero 125)

Hand-Held Metal Detector  (300eb)

Used by security forces in every major airport and monorail station in the world, these portable devices detect metal. They can be used to detect cyberware, guns, and other items of contraband. They run on a battery pack which is good for 12 hours of continuous use. (Cyber Hero 123)

Radioisotope Tagger  (400eb)

This is a small spray canister filled with a (supposedly) harmless radioactive isotope. The isotope is sprayed onto a target, who can then be followed with a geiger counter or other hand-held radiation detector. It can also be used as a practical joke in radiation-sensitive habitats, although highriders tend to view this type of prank as less than funny. Radiation absorption from the tagger is negligible -- less than your average x-ray. (Cyber Hero 126)

Geiger Counter  (200eb)

Your classic radiation detector. You've seen them in the movies; the clicks get louder as the amount of radiation increases. Works like the radiation meter found in Deep Space, p. 56, except the range is much greater -- assume about 100 meters. (Cyber Hero 126).

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