compiled by Amy Luther
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These weapons are taken from ICE's Cyberspace (mainly because I read it first), while the pics come from Cyber Hero. I would advise anyone interested in examining ICE's concept of cyberpunk to avoid Cyberspace as though it were the plague and head straight for Cyber Hero. The presentation of Cyber Hero is significantly more streamlined, and it essentially duplicates and expands upon the background information found in Cyberspace. Even better, half the book isn't taken up by ICE's ridiculous Rolemaster-style game mechanics, and the excellent interior illustrations are by Dan Smith, of GURPS and INWO fame.

Entries marked with an are illustrated.

Orchid  MEL 0 P E 3D6 (+2) n/a n/a ST 1m 100eb 

An illegal melee weapon favored by Asian gangs, the orchid is comprised of a number of sharp, curved blades which are mounted around a central handle. The user inserts his hand into the "ball" of blades and grasps the handle, thereby turning his hand into a spherical weapon of lethal effect. A typical orchid has 5 to 7 blades and does 3D6 to 3D6+2 damage. (Cyberspace 142/Cyber Hero 156)

Karatand  MEL 0 P P Special (1D6+2) n/a n/a VR 1m 175eb 

A tight-fitting glove made of a specialized polymer called Implast, the karatand is a favorite among martial artists. The glove becomes rigid in response to any kinetic blow, and loosens up again a few seconds after impact. Punch damage becomes 1D6+2 and applies to damage done with Brawling or any Martial Art. (Cyberspace 143/Cyber Hero 156, but they stole it from John Brunner's book, Stand on Zanzibar.)

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