by Gary Astleford
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Opti-Free Saline Dispensing Cyberfinger  (30eb for finger, 10eb for 10oz saline solution)

"Gets the red out!"

This cyberhand option places a reservoir of sterile, buffered, isotonic saline solution at your very fingertips. Dispense the solution directly onto contact lenses, or place drops in your eyes to relieve dryness. Saline stream strength can be as powerful as your wish, from a single drop at a time to a high-powered squirt to really blast dust and hair from your lenses during cleaning. Game Notes: The dispenser is designed to be used with materials such as saline solution or eyedrops, but creative characters can use it to deliver poisons, flammable liquids, and with special modifications, acids. HC = 1 pt, Surgery Code = N, ID Code = SALD.

Schlage Cyberkeys  (100eb for finger, 5eb for each modified key)

"Never lose your keys again!"

Sick of losing your keys? Are you constantly misplacing your keyrings? Sick of unsightly keychains and the annoying "jing-a-ling" of keys in your pocket? Never fear! Schlage Cyber-Keys are here! A fingertip on your cyberarm or cyberhand is modified with a special "key magazine" which can hold up to five different keys. Just choose which key you want and mentally extend the one you need from the tip of your finger! The specially-modified keys can be released (ie, for vehicle operation) and replaced quickly and easily for added practicality. HC = 2 pts, Surgery Code = N, ID Code = KEYS.

Super Cyber-Groomer  (50eb)

"Great looks are as easy as running your hand through your hair!"

Extendable bristles are installed into any stock cyberhand. With a thought, the bristles pop out, allowing you to remove tangles and unsightly cowlicks just by running your hand through your hair. HC = .5 pts, Surgery Code = N, ID Code = BRSH.

Kleenex Dispenser Cyberlimb Option (75eb for Dispenser, 5eb for box of Kleenex)

"Never wipe your nose with your sleeve again!"

This cyberlimb option takes one space, and allows the allergy-prone cyberpunk a convenient way to get rid of bothersome nasal mucus. The dispenser holds a box of Kleenex, with enough sheets to blow two hundred and fifty noses! HC = .5 pts, Surgery Code = N, ID Code = KD.


Artificial Sweat Glands  (350eb)

"I just can't get close to a man if he smells..."

Never use deodorant sticks or cologne again! Nanoids designed to rebuild your sweat glands are injected into your body. The structure of your pores and sweat glands is altered, enabling them to produce a sterile, cologne-like substance that is anything but offensive. How would you like to sweat your favorite cologne or perfume? Many options are availiable, including most designer fragrances, as well as simple odors (baby powder, floral, or spice, to name a few). Raise your hand if you're sure! HC = 1 pt. Surgery Code = N. ID Code = ASG.

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