NPCs from the Cops and Robbers Game
by Amy Luther
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Presented here for your approval are selected NPCs from my Cops and Robbers Game.

MICHAEL DI CASTRO is a hitter for the Family. He wears gray suits, usually rumpled, with dark red or dark blue ties. He's 29, about 6'2", somewhat on the heavy side, with black, shoulder-length hair pulled back in a ponytail and a microrefrigerated icicle earring. Carries a Beretta 97P (9mm) and an H&K MPK-9 (9mm). Smiles a lot, genuinely friendly, even with strangers. Quiet, watchful look when on the job. An occasional rapist if the opportunity arises. Boosted (Sandevistan).

Speech -Friendly. Casual use of obscenities, mostly "fuck" as an interjection. Frequently breaks into Italian, mainly strozzapreti (priest strangler), dio (God) in its many variations, i.e. dio cazzo (that prick of a God), dio sborą (God jacked off), dio impalato (that shafted God), per dio (by God, frequently in exasperation).

He lives in a small corner apartment on the bottom floor of an apartment on the edge of Little Italy, right in the crossover zone between it and the 'hood. Owns two Rottweilers (named Drake and Cazzo) and drives a restored 197- El Dorado, midnight blue (the equivalent of driving a 1940's vintage automobile today). He did not restore this car; he just likes it. Normally keeps the dogs in the back of the truck.

ROBERT CONNOLLY is a Family fixer. He is not Family by blood, so is relegated to the outer rings of the organization. A man of average height and slender build, with thin, brown, flyaway hair and a beaky nose. About 40. Wears nicely tailored black suits and waistcoats. Thin hands, with large gnarled knuckles and twisted fingers, as though from arthritis, or from having been broken and never healed properly.

Speech -Deliberate, formal, but relaxed. Frequent pauses to imply something, or to change the subject. Infrequent obscenity, nothing rougher than "shit" and that always used as a noun, never an interjection. When he is excited or intent, he talks faster, with clipped sentences.

Connolly is free to do his own business, but since he operates in Family territory, he pays them part of what he makes and gives them select bits of information. He can, on occasion, serve as a liason between punks looking for work and his Family contacts. Any such who later go on to work for the mob (in a low-echelon capacity, of course) will naturally leave him in the lurch.

He knows a number of low-level corporates and can supply personnel based on their needs, and has a permanent advertisement in the local classifieds which serves his needs. He does not pick up any high-quality talent through this ad, or anyone with much of a rep, but he doesn't mind because he's not looking for any of the heavy hitters. Connolly wants ambitious amateurs, or experienced veterans down enough on their luck that they answered his ad (and so will work cheaply). He can weed out the idiots and wanna-bes in his initial interview. Connolly is always looking for little jobs that will ingratiate him to the Family.

ISAAC BORDEN is a freelance driver and courier. 20. 6'4", lanky. Spiked white hair, almost too long to be spiked any more. Temple jacks in right temple, capped with a silver-and-turquoise dustplug. Ear pierced with a series of identical, round, silver studs. Wears oil-stained jeans, motorcyle boots with chains running under the instep, dirty t-shirts.

Speech -Casual. Frequently says "fuckin" as an adjective. He got this, you got that. Drops his final g's, and says ain't. This is an affectation, as he is extremely intelligent and can talk that way when he wants to, which is mainly when he is explaining or talking about his areas of expertise, which include netrunning and various types of vehicle running and car theft.

ALESSANDRO REINQUIST is a netrunner for the Family. He wears extremely expensive black suits, but is frequently seen without jacket and tie, and with shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. 25 or 26, blonde hair, dark tanned skin. White, perfect teeth. Called Lissandro, or Sandro, or Lissander. His plugs are on the nape of his neck, up under his hair (he doesn't want to spoil his good looks). Carries a Sternmeyer 41 (10mm) with AP loads.

Speech -Fast, excited. Interrupts himself and other people. Mild obscenities. Speaks little Italian and is frequently seen frowning in concentration when others around him use it. Quick-tempered, but just as quick to forgive and forget.

DIEGO MONTECELLI is a sadistic Family hitter. He wears night-blue suits with matching ties. His hair is black with a bluish sheen, cut short and businesslike, and he is about 35. Fit and healthy, Anglo-American complexion. He has cyberoptics with irises that look like cracked mirrors. Carries an Ingram MAC-14 (12mm) with an extended clip. A mean smile. Scarred hands, as though from a lifetime of brawling.

Speech -Very little, almost exclusively in Italian. Halting, somewhat accented. When he does speak, it's mocking, sarcastic. His Italian is fluent with an odd accent. Sneers. Most likely the kind of guy who gets a kick out of beating up women and tormenting children.

JUSTIN NAVARRO is frequently seen with di Castro and is a kneecapper and sometime hitter. Heavyset and broad, he wears gray slacks and gray herringbone jackets with red ties. He is large and wide, like a wall. His hair is dark and receding, and he has a round, florid face. Cheerful, portly demeanor. Carries a Luigi Franchi P.16 (12 gauge) shotgun. Quiet, but friendly, like a big, amiable dog. Married, with six kids ranging in age from ten to six months. Navarro is the kind of man who stops by your house unexpectedly on a Sunday morning and invites you to go to brunch with him (along with his wife and all six of his kids!).

Speech -Grunting, monosyllables. Comes off as being a little stupid, but he's just slow, both in Italian and English. You can see him contemplating. Deeply religious, with a St. Christopher's medallion around his neck, and frowns mightily whenever anyone says anything blasphemous.

VINCENT CASTIGLIONE is an older man, in his fifties, in a pale gray suit and matching tie. He is neat as a pin, with a fatherly air. A Family lieutentant, in charge of the violent end of things--collections, hits, intimidations, raids, and so forth. He finds the men capable of doing violence and puts them to good use. He knows who killed who and why for the last thirty years. Light gray hair, the only item on his body that's a little frazzled.

Speech -Contemplative, a little brusque. Addresses everybody by their first names. No time for flunkies. Says what he wants done, and expects people to do it.

JIMMY VU is a Vietnamese man, about twenty-two. Bright tattoos cover his torso. He is constantly hopped up on synthcoke, which makes him very paranoid, hyperactive, and violent, and enjoys shooting a flashy Taiwanese knockoff of a Beretta 97P 9mm into the walls and ceiling of his apartment. The noisy shots and subsequent bullets that come through the walls without warning irritate the neighbors to no end, but nobody's willing to say boo to a baby except for the pair of elderly Russian women who live upstairs, who curse and revile Vu at every opportunity and complain to the police almost every night.

Speech -Rapid-fire, precise English interspersed with bouts of slurred gutter Vietnamese. Posturing and extremely aggressive, always willing to get into a fight, although he has the physique of a weak ten-year-old. Quick as a snake.

BERNIE SILVERMAN, nicknamed the Spook, is about 5'6", bald, skinny and gangly, dressed in baggy pants, sandals, a sweater, and a watch cap. He's also gay as the proverbial bird in springtime, and enjoys putting on the femme act (no lisp, however, that's just too gauche). He teases straight males without mercy, but he's quite capable of breaking heads if they can't handle it. Anal- retentive and germ-phobic, with a great many strange hygiene habits (won't shake hands, won't use public restrooms, won't use public phones, won't use DataTerms, won't eat in public, you get the picture). A B&E and accounting man, who makes his living by being precise.

Speech -Drag queen gone insane. A pose, of course; when stressed his voice deepens out and his panic reactions are fairly masculine (until he regains his composure, whereupon he's fluttery as a maiden aunt).

SAMUEL (SAMMY) MUIR acts in the kind of porn movie where the actors don't have cute stage names. He's rigged up with a supercompact braindance recorder. He has very bright blue eyes, an intense face, short light brown hair, and a Dublin sort of look about him.

Speech -Gruff and doesn't say much. When he does, it's with a faint Irish accent (or not, as he chooses).

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