a character by Amy Luther
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Jim Cassidy is a freelance netrunner and smuggler, working and living in various workshacks in LEO. A groundsider by birth (1989), he started out an expatriate American living in Port-Au-Prince (Haiti), and has been in space for 8 years, starting when he was 21 (2010). He spent his first six years as an ESA supply officer, turning a blind eye to all sorts of illicit cargo, and quit (read, fled just before being caught and prosecuted), moving to a full-time smuggling career in 2016.

Cassidy is a redhead. His hair is cropped short, a bright, startling blood-red color that contrasts with his pale highrider complexion. He has a strong, muscular swimmer's build, and has no legs past the knee. This is a congenital birth defect which he never bothered to have corrected. He makes his way in gravity fields with an ancient pair of artificial legs, precision prosthetics which were fairly high-tech by twentieth-century standards, but are so anachronistic in 2020 as to impart a unique kind of style. They reduce his MA by -1 when he has to walk in 1g, and are rather uncomfortable to wear for long periods (-1 MA per hour after an hour on his feet). He prefers zero G, for obvious reasons, and simply takes his legs off in freefall.

He wears Lycra bodysuits, cyclist-style (yup, the ones that end at the knee), in dark colors.

CASSIDY'S SONG  (courtesy of Monty Python) -

Oh, I got two legs from my waist to the ground, and
When I move 'em they walk around, and
When I lift 'em they climb the stairs, and
When I shave 'em they ain't got hairs!



Diplomatic, cordial, normally nonchalant and calm, but a space hypochondriac. He compulsively checks oxygen and pressure, worries about whether the recycler's working correctly, obsesses about his EVA suit. You can't have in in the cabin, because he gets twitchy over every beep and flashing light. This is part of a generalized space anxiety, but he's really compulsive about safety and must constantly check everything, even when he's in danger or pressed for time. If the situtation makes it impossible for him to check things, or if a real danger exists, he gets a general -2 on all skill checks due to nervousness. He can conquer his anxiety and cancel the penalties with a Difficult COOL roll.

No matter where he is, he keeps up on groundside news. He reports current events to anybody who will listen, and likes to mention the weather in Melbourne or Tokyo. Panoramic photographs are plastered to his cabin walls. He hates the sound of velcro, and won't use it on his clothing or personal effects (magnetic closures are wonderful, aren't they?).

ICON-A pair of empty Mercury shoes, which walk from place to place, or fly with feathered heel wings. Voices/effects issue from the empty space above the shoes. For variety, he'll change the style to boots, bunny slippers, or whatever, but will always maintain the winged heels.


Hitachi-Zendaflex Model RC4 (40 MU, +3 Speed, +6 Data Walls), Portable, Neural Recognition Security Circuit, Flopscreen (1'x1'), Rugged Construction (SP 4) and a Chip Reader. It is incised with a serial number which is registered to him, a legacy of his ESA days, so if it's lost or stolen and used for illegal purposes, they'll trace it right back. Someday, he'll have to take care of that... On Deck, he has Raffles, Worm, Invisibility, Flak, Force Shield, Armor, Killer 4, Manticore, Databaser, and Glue. Chipped and/or on his Wet Drive are Open Sesame, Genie, Dee-2, Crystal Ball, Phone Home, Rerezz, Phone Fake, and Gatemaster.

Accounting +3
Arabic +2
Awareness/Notice +3
Basic Tech +3
Education & General Know +2
Electronic Communications +2
English +10
EVA Maneuver +3
French +3
Handgun +7
Human Perception +5
Interface +9
Library Search +4
Melee +3
Persuasion & Fast Talk +4
Programming +6
Space Survival +3
System Knowledge +4
Zero G Combat +2
Zero G Maneuver +6


Neuralware Processor
Cybermodem Link
Machine Link
Data Term Link
Wet Drive Access Link
Interface Plugs
Wet Drive (MU 30)
Chipware Socket - Japanese, Mandarin, Bantu, German, Bengali, Hausa, Med Tech (all at +3)


-Arasaka WSA Autopistol P|0|J|C|2D6+3 (10mm)|15|2|VR|50m, loaded with jelly rounds (1 pt real damage, full damage for Stun/Shock saves).
-Light Armor Vest (SP14).
-Hands-Free Comset and Kiroshi Optic Heads-Up Display (Sliding-Track Monocle)
-Tool Belt, holding Low Impedance Cables, Leatherman's Tool, Rail Key, Electro Stick, a fat roll of duct tape, a thin roll of flashtape, a Com Flash, a halfway used tube of Biotech-Askari Motion Restraints (EX|0|P|P|Special|1|1|VR, Very Difficult REF roll plus Dodge/Escape roll or Near Impossible BOD roll plus Strength Feat roll to escape, 10 squirt dispensing tube, 35-40 minute before dissolution), and a duct-taped scanner package (Radmeter, 5' range, and Sniffer)
-Personal Watch-Style Radmeter
-Cyclist-Style Jumpsuit
-Hitachi-Zendaflex RC4 Cyberdeck (see above).
-Drink Bottle
-Prosthetics (Lower legs and feet, approximate worth 50eb, SP 20)


What? What good is he? Hell, I don't know. He was my first netunner, so I'm enamoured of him. You can use him as a quirky space smuggling contact, or bring him down to groundside and have him lean on his netrunning skills. He partners up with a Russian on the run by the name of Shade, whose stats are coming soon. Cassidy hangs out in the workshack, at home base, and Shade drives the bus (a decrepit ex-Soviet OTV).

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