converted by Amy Luther
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Crowdpleaser  P -2 P P 4D6 4 2 UR 1m 600eb

This is a type of hand-sized, sawed-off shotgun which loads disintegrating pellets (20eb/load). The advantages of a crowdpleaser are its portability, concealability, extreme damage capability against unarmored targets, and the inability to accidentally spray anyone besides your intended target (the pellets disintegrate after about 3 feet). Unfortunately, it is dangerously unreliable and rather inaccurate, and is best used at point-blank range. (Adapted from Joe Haldeman's Buying Time)

Stinger  P 0 P R 1pt/special 1 1 VR 3m 500eb

A stinger is a small, hand-held weapon resembling a taser, which fires a needle (also similar to that of a taser) containing a powerful neurotoxic agent. It effectively paralyzes the target, inflicting intense pain whenever the angle between two bones is changed (i.e., during movement, breathing, etc.). The target must make a Very Difficult COOL save to make any action for the duration of the drug (1d6+3 minutes); failure indicates incapacitation with pain. (Adapted from Joe Haldeman's Buying Time)

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