by Amy Luther
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When natural and modified animals (and Aliens, but that's another story) entered the CP2020 world in Solo of Fortune 2 and Chromebook 3, my gaming group asked a few awkward questions:
"How can a cat take as much damage as a human?"
"Shouldn't that shark be a little tougher than your average diver?"

and even,

"Don't you think the Mother Alien should be really hard to kill?"

Though animal toughness is reflected in their BOD score, we felt that something else was required to reflect body size and overall structure, as compared to a human. Hence, the concept of varying wound boxes was born. It works like this: The number of wound boxes per level is the number of points of damage an animal can take before moving to the next Health Level. Humans have four WB/Lev, so they can take four points of damage before they move into the Serious Wound state. We decided that smaller animals will have less wound boxes than a human, and larger animals correspondingly more. This makes little critters easy to kill, and bigger ones extremely hard to drop, since more wound boxes + high BTM = the reason elephant guns were invented.

TINY animals (like songbirds, rats, and squirrels) have one wound box per level.

SMALL animals are equivalent to housecat-size felines, small dogs, large birds, otters, raccoons, and small monkeys, and they have two wound boxes/level. Just in case it ever comes up (and let's pray it doesn't), this would count for human infants and toddlers.

MEDIUM-SIZED animals, such as domestic and wild canines, mid-range felines (like bobcats and lynxes), and kindergarten to subadult kids have three wound boxes per level.

BIG animals are equivalent to large dogs, humans, dolphins, seals, large cats (like cheetahs and jaguars), small ungulates (like sheep), non-human primates (like chimps, gorillas, baboons and so forth), and they have four wound boxes per level.

LARGE animals (like large sharks), medium ungulates (like cows), big felines (like tigers and lions), bears, elephant seals, etc. have five wound boxes per level.

HUGE animals like megabears (grizzlies and polar bears), great white sharks, and big ungulates (Cape buffalo, giraffes) have six wound boxes per level.

GIANT animals (like elephants, rhinos, and hippos) can have seven or more wound boxes/level.

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