a drug for Netrunners
by Amy Luther
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Bluebird  (STR 4, 80eb/dose)

A grainy, triangular blue pill with rounded corners, embossed with a small stylized flying bird. Coated with that candy easy-swallow shell, but beneath it is rather bitter and crumbly. The coating chips off easily, and a bottle of these will degenerate into (non-inhalable) powder if rattled around in somebody's pocket or purse. Game Notes : Bluebird makes you happy. It will also increase your INT by +4 for 1D10 hours. However, for each use, roll 1D10. If a 1 is rolled, the user's kidneys have failed. If 2-10 is rolled, your kidneys survive, but you urinate frequently for 1D10 hours, and take 1 point of damage per two hours of side effect duration. Delayed side effects can be interpreted as the crap destroying your kidneys. You hemorrhage, and you start pissing blood, which is essentially kidney bits. Cyber-kidneys will alleviate the damage, but also the effects. If your kidneys are cybernetic, you get no boost.

Increased INT (20) + Euphoric (5) + STR 4 + Mildly Psychologically Addictive (-8) + Diuretic (delayed, -2) + Internal Bleeding (delayed, -4) + Kidney/Liver Failure (delayed, -8) = 7 Diff. Times 3 for Long Duration is 21, times .5 for Pill/Tablet form is 10.5, times 7.5 for Type B Illegal is 78.75eb/dose, rounded up to 80eb/dose.

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