using Ocelot's Drug Lab
by Gary Astleford
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This file contains a list of all the drugs found in Ocelot's Corner Rexall, the Cyberpunk 2020 Drug Lab Conversions, and the Drug Conversions from Paranoia.

Cost is per dose. The disad cost listed is for use with my Advantage/Disadvantage system, and reflects the amount of points an addiction to said drug would be worth in SPs. Entries with a "N/A" indicate that the drug in question is not in any way addictive.

Drug NameCostDisad Cost
Acetylated Neocorticine30 euro/doseN/A
Alcohol3 euro/dose-2
Angel438.75 euro/dose-7
Asperquaint140 euro/dose-6
Benetridin247.5 euro/dose-6
Black Lace 420 euro/dose-8
Blood Of Christ450 euro/dose-8
Blue Glass30 euro/doseN/A
Boost67.5 euro/dose-5
Butaqualide HC130 euro/dose-3
Char60 euro/dose-4
Cockroach30 euro/dose-5
CPS-2315 euro/dose-3
Gelgernine30 euro/dose-4
Love Potion #967.5 euro/doseN/A
MeStAg380 euro/doseN/A
Mr. Ex45 euro/dose-4
Paxium5 euro/doseN/A
Rabbit225 euro/dose -5
Rezzin30 euro/dose-4
Ribopropylmethionine60 euro/doseN/A
Rolactin480 euro/dose-8
Sandallathon30 euro/dose-4
Smash6 euro/dose-2
Sonniene165 euro/dose-4
Speedheal270 euro/doseN/A
Stigmata140 euro/dose-6
Stim80 euro/doseN/A
Syncomp 1597.5 euro/doseN/A
Synthcoke67.5 euro/dose-5
Synthetic Endorphins 120 euro/dose-5
Taz480 euro/dose-9
Tobacco4 euro/dose-2
Triphetamine191.25 euro/dose-6
Vanitol60 euro/dose-4
Venus M&F300 euro/doseN/A
Visomorpain35 euro/dose-4
Xanitrick5 euro/doseN/A
Zoki's Sleeping Pills125 euro/doseN/A

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