by Adam Luther
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As designed by an ex-corporate runner named Marionette.

Acme Portable Hole  (Intrusion, STR 8, MU 4, 240eb)

Acme Portable Hole is quite similar to Rache Bartmoss' Portal (RB pg.148) in that it is a silent intrusion program which emulates a part of the data wall and integrates itself into it (no alert). The "hole" is established immediately, however, the passage time through it will take a full combat turn. ICON: Come on, you gotta know what it looks like, you watched cartoons when you were little. If you were some tortured child banned from television, the runner pulls out a small black blob which he unfolds into a circular shape. He places the circle in the desired spot, sticking it there, and enters the dark passage.

Acme Rocket-Skates  (Anti-System, STR 6, MU 4, 900eb)

Acme-Rocket Skates take over the movement protocol of an opponent's deck. This causes the netrunner to be propelled in a straight path at a rate of 5 spaces per turn. The direction the netrunner is sent is random and uncontrollable, 1D4 should be rolled to indicate direction. Acme Rocket-Skates will continue in this path until a collision with an obstacle (excluding other runners and programs, you basically run them over) occurs. Upon impact, reroll a direction and continue with the fiasco. ICON: A pair of old roller-skates with rockets and sparkling fuses appear on the target.

Garrote  (Anti-Personnel, STR 5, MU 3, 6250eb)

Causes the netrunner to stop breathing. Choking damage (as in CP2020, pg. 111) will be inflicted for 1D6+STR number of rounds (no save, and BTM does not apply). During this period, the netrunner is still conscious and aware, allowing him to continue in his travels if he chooses. However, the damage will cease if the runner jacks out and runs another day. No ICON.

Party Foul  (Anti-System, STR 5, MU 4, 810eb)

On a successful hit, Party Foul disables 1D6 of your programs for 2D6 rounds. For each program hit, roll a 1D10 in addition. On a roll of 1 or 2, that disabled program has been wiped from your system, never to return. +2 on attack rolls. ICON: A large serving tray containing several full, glass champagne glasses appears in the 'runner's hand (or best substitute). The 'runner then stumbles, dropping the tray and shattering all the glass.

Silly String  (Anti-System, STR 4, MU 4, 780eb)

Silly String works through rerouting the signals between a runner and their CPU through an infinite subroutine, thereby freezing a runner in his tracks. There he will stay until he jacks out and his deck is physically rebooted and the subroutine cleared. ICON: A thin, unending stream of silly string fired from a canister held by the attacker, which entangles the opponent. The silly string's color comes in various flavors and can easily be changed or randomized to suit personal preferences.

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